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Template:Review Reth is a fictional city in the role-playing game setting of the Forgotten Realms, one of the five free cities located in the Chondath region of the Vilhon Reach in Faerun.


If you’re a fan of blood sports, you will enjoy the arena in Reth. Initially, the city was established to train Chondathian troops for the Southshore Games near Hlondeth. Since gaining its independence, the city has worked on entertaining its own citizens. Of course, visitors to Reth play an important role in its economy. Alaghonian merchants are common spectators at Northshire Coliseum, and nobles from as far south as Nimpeth make regular voyages to Reth. Adventurers can make some money by participating in arena combat, but be warned that many of these battles are fatal. Most professional gladiators don’t want to face an opponent more than once.

Relations with the Emerald Enclave[]

There have been some recent rumblings between the city and the Emerald Enclave. While Reth eventually decided to back down from its harvesting of trees from the Nunwood, the Enclave has retained an open presence within the city. The little tree harvesting the city has done lately has been complicated by reports of monsters in the Nunwood. No one knows what these creatures are. They attack under cover of darkness and cause great confusion before retreating into the forest. The Emerald Enclave has remained silent, but many suspect they’re behind the recent altercations.

Living Reth[]

Living Reth is a persistent shared world unique to In the same vein as the RPGA’s Living Greyhawk, Living Reth is meant to be a shared game open to any Forgotten Realms character. Reth, an independent city-state in the Chondath region of the Vilhon Reach in the Forgotten Realms, is a city of trade and adventure, intrigue and heroic deeds. Characters from any FR game can mix and mingle in the Crossed Swords Tavern, fight each other in the Northshire Coliseum, or look for work in the Emerald Fists Adventurer's Guild. Solo characters can also play here, as both freeform and moderated role-playing will go on in the setting.

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