The weapons in the video game Resistance: Fall of Man include a number of unique and creative weapons. Many feature twists on classic weapons, while others are original ideas altogether. Known weapons and their functions are:

  • Human weapons:
    • M5A2 Carbine: The M5A2 Carbine is the standard-issue human assault rifle with a 40 mm grenade launcher attachment. It has a 50-round clip, and the player can carry 150 spare rounds and 3 grenades (2 in multiplayer). It bears some resemblance to the M1 Garand rifle, M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle,M-14 Rifle, M1 Carbine in M3 configuration, and FN FAL, but it uses much larger detachable magazines and a different stock. The receiver and magazines are similar to those of a Browning Automatic Rifle. It is perhaps most similar to the SOCOM 16 (a shortened version of the Springfield Armory M1A), albeit with a different stock.
    • Rossmore 236: The Rossmore 236 Combat Shotgun is employed by the British Army for base defense and urban warfare. It is noted for its potent stopping power, especially in close-quarters engagements. Since the Chimeran invasion, soldiers have found the shotgun very adept in dispatching Howlers. Pressing L1 discharges both barrels. This method is less efficient than firing the barrels singly, but using it effectively can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.
    • L23 Fareye: The L23 Fareye is a human sniper rifle. While aiming through the scope, the game simulates heightened reflexes by slowing down time while the player can aim normally. The Fareye is available for multiplayer, but the ability to slow down time is not included, instead there is a quick zoom.
    • XR-005 Hailstorm: The Hailstorm is Resistance’s take on the minigun. The XR-005 "Hailstorm" is believed to be of US origin, though it is not found on any known order of battle. The weapon fires subsonic bolts which are designed to ricochet off hard surfaces. Shots will continue to travel until they find a soft target or are exhausted. Kills outside the line of sight are possible with banked shots. Pressing L1 launches the remainder of the Hailstorm's clip. This creates an Auto-turret as the clip fires its bolts at nearby targets. The recoil from the bolts will even allow the clip to hang in mid-air.
    • XR-003 Sapper: The XR-003 "Sapper" mine launcher is believed by British Intelligence to be a product of secret US weapons programs. Pressing R1 fires a stream of organic cluster mines. Each mine is encased in a living cell similar to those used by the Widowmaker. The mines stick to most surfaces, including each other. In combat, the Sapper can be used most effectively by setting large cluster mine traps for ambushing Chimera. Aiming at a mine and pressing L1 will detonate the targeted mine. Other mines within the blast radius will also explode. Holding L1 detonates all mines in the vicinity.
    • L209 LAARK: The LAARK rocket launcher is unique in that its primary fire releases a singular powerful rocket, but its secondary fire is able to slow down the rocket and even stopped it mid-flight. Whilst paused, its trajectory can be modified to fire around corners or over barricades (in this respect, it is similar to the ‘Slayer’ from the Nintendo 64 game Perfect Dark), but it also possesses the ability to fire separate submunitions while suspended mid-air. This weapon is available for online play.
    • L11-2 Dragon: The L11-2 Dragon is a standard flamethrower. Its alternate fire has been labeled as a vapor cloud. This function releases a cloud of flammable gas that the player can hold the secondary fire to make larger; when the button is released, the gas is set aflame and is shot in the direction the player is facing. The fire burns a long time — similar to napalm — and is quite effective in killing certain enemies. This weapon is only acquired after beating the game once or playing multiplayer.
  • Chimeran weapons:
    • Bullseye: A relatively standard assault weapon developed by Chimera. The twist of the weapon is its alternate fire: the tag. When an enemy is ‘tagged’, bullets will home in on that tag until the enemy is killed. This allows smart players to tag the enemy and then hide in cover, while bending their bullets around cover to still hit enemies. These tags are reusable, as they can later be recovered from enemies that have been killed with them (or even from places where tags were fired). Firing the Bullseye into a wall or object, however, creates a potential 'Bullseye-Bomb'. Bullets will home into the target, and swarm about to form a sphere of bullets. You can then fire it at an enemy, and the swarm of bullets will track down the locked-on enemy. If bullets remain in the swarm when the enemy dies, the swarm will hover in the air until the Bullseye is fired again. The Bullseye holds 70 rounds, and the player can carry 210 spare rounds and 6 tags (unlimited tags in multiplayer).
    • Bullseye Mark II: The Bullseye Mark II is an upgraded version of the Chimeran service rifle. It has the same functionality as the standard model, but uses a supercharged power cell to develop significantly more firepower. Slugs fired from the Mark II's create massive permanent cavitation in victims. Those not killed outright receive wounds which do not readily close. Fatal blood loss is inevitable without immediate medical attention. It is for this reason the Mark II is referred to simply as "blue death". The Bullseye Mark II has only been observed in use by Advanced Hybrids engaged in base defense. It fires stronger blue energy bullets instead of the normal red ones.
    • Auger: A Chimeran-developed weapon, this heavy-penetrating assault rifle fires energy bolts that can burrow through solid objects, thus negating cover. The bolts increase in power as they move through barriers. The bolts slow down as they move through objects, and a spark of light can be seen, warning potential victims that their cover has been breached. The alternate fire of the Auger is to put down a translucent energy shield that cannot be penetrated by any weapon except the Auger itself. The Auger holds 20 rounds, and the player can carry 100 spare rounds and 6 force shields.
    • Reaper: A weapon that is a new twist on an old standby: dual-wielding pistols. While most games have both pistols aimed in the same direction, the Reapers are capable of independent firing. Consider the primary fire the right hand and the secondary fire the left hand. When both buttons are depressed, the reticle splits off into two individual reticules. Your hands sweep the area, and a modest auto-lock from each pistol will then latch onto whatever enemy crosses its path. This weapon is very useful for taking on lots of small Chimera. This weapon is only acquired after beating the game once.
    • Arc Charger: The Arc Charger fires a blast of energy which briefly clings to organic tissue. Additional blasts increase the intensity of the energy. Pressing R1 triggers the energy to arc to nearby targets. Upon striking additional targets, pressing L1 will arc the energy again. The energy's power increases with each successive arc, as does its ability to strike new targets. With the proper timing many targets may be attacked at once. The Arc Charger is particularly devastating against multiple enemies where it can develop maximum intensity. This weapon is only acquired after beating the game once or playing multiplayer. It seems to resemble the ‘Tesla Claw’ of Ratchet & Clank fame.
    • Splitter: The Splitter is an advanced Chimeran weapon. It's potential for collateral damage makes it uncommon outside of the most hotly contested battlefronts of the Chimeran invasion. Pressing R1 fires a packet of high-velocity explosive rounds. Pressing L1 will split the rounds multiple times. Holding L1 increases the distance between the split rounds. This can potentially create a literal wall of gunfire to cut down whole squads of opposition. This weapon is only acquired after beating the game once. It seems to resemble the ‘RYNO’ of Ratchet & Clank fame.
  • Grenades:
    • Frag Grenade: The No. 22 Fragmentation Grenade is a standard issue anti-personnel munition used throughout the British armed forces. The grenade has an exposed fuse which releases irritating smoke prior to detonation. While not hazardous in the quantities produced, it does discourage a target from picking up and throwing back the grenade. The fragmentation grenade is ideal for assaulting entrenched enemy positions or attacking around corners.
    • Hedgehog: The Hedgehog Grenade is a Chimeran anti-personnel munition. It is thrown like an ordinary hand grenade. Upon landing it springs up and expands into a spiny cluster. At its "kill height" the Hedgehog fires spines in all directions with enough force to pin targets against nearby walls. The effect is especially deadly in confined quarters.
    • Air Fuel Grenade: Much like the name implies, this grenade is a type of fuel-air explosive that releases and then ignites a cloud of flammable vapor to burn enemies. The grenade also has the ability to stick to surfaces and enemies, much like certain grenades in several other first-person shooters.
    • Backlash Grenade: This grenade releases an energy ‘bubble’ around where it lands. This bubble constantly damages any enemies caught inside and repels their shots back at them. Players use this grenade as a form of cover by going into the bubble and firing with human weapons at enemies, as only Chimeran weapons are repelled by the bubble. They can also use them quite effectively in singleplayer by throwing them at a group of Chimera, enveloping the Chimera in the shield, and letting the Chimera kill themselves.