The Red Dragon

The Red Dragon logo
The Red Dragon logo

Place of OriginEarthrealm
FoundationBefore Mortal Kombat
Current statusActive
Known membersDaegon
Hsu Hao
GoalsWorld domination
AlliesDeadly Alliance, Shinnok
EnemiesTaven, Black Dragon
Special Forces

The Red Dragon is a faction in the Mortal Kombat series of fighting games.

About the Red Dragon[]

The Red Dragon was introduced in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance as one of Earthrealm's supreme criminal organizations, centuries old and with its own very strict system of codes. They rely on stealth and secrecy to carry out their operations, and their goal is eventual world domination. The Red Dragon is an embodiment of many conspiracy theories about secret groups that seek global control.


Some time before the events of the original Mortal Kombat game, the Red Dragon became visible, even if barely, for the world through the creation of the Black Dragon, a group of renegades who were dissatisfied with the constraints the codes of honour of the Red Dragon placed on them. Ever since, it became the Red Dragon's top priority to rid all members of their rival clan. The Black Dragon contained the one clue to the Red Dragon's existence, and law enforcement should not be able to follow those leads.

Around the events of the first Mortal Kombat game, the US Special Forces had a team devoted to the dismantling of the Black Dragon. Agents Jax Briggs and Sonya Blade had considerable success in that department. By the end of Mortal Kombat 4/Gold, the Black Dragon was assumed wiped out completely. Among others, Kano, its leader, had been killed by Sonya. Kabal had left the organization but was mortally wounded by Red Dragon agent Mavado nonetheless and Jarek fell from a cliff in Edenia and was assumed dead. The rest had been arrested or killed earlier by Jax. Hsu Hao, Mavado's subordinate, had infiltrated in the Special Forces to accelerate this process.

During the events of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, Mavado was contacted by the Deadly Alliance to come to Outworld. In exchange for help from the Red Dragon, both sorcerers promised the Red Dragon an important status once they would invade Earthrealm with the Undefeatable Army of the Dragon King. On Outworld, Mavado discovered that Kano was still alive and working as general in Outworld's army. The Deadly Alliance agreed that Mavado would kill Kano, if he eliminated Special Forces agent Kenshi for them. To thwart further inter-realm travels from Earth to Outworld, Mavado instructed Hsu Hao to destroy the OIA's underground bunker so that other Special Forces agents could not get between Mavado and his prey. Hsu Hao was to join his superior on Outworld.

Mavado fulfilled his end of the bargain and defeated Kenshi. However, on his way to or from Quan Chi, Mavado encountered Kabal, whom he thought he had slain some time ago. Kabal took revenge on Mavado and reclaimed the hookswords Mavado had stolen from him. The resurrection of the Black Dragon was a fact. Conversely, Hsu Hao, after receiving his next objective from Mavado, was intercepted by Jax and brutally killed.

During the events of 'Mortal Kombat: Armageddon it is discovered that Daegon is the founder of the Red Dragon. The organization was named after Caro, a red dragon assigned to watch over Daegon as he was kept in hibernation awaiting the call of Blaze, and was initially formed to track down Blaze and prevent Taven from gaining the prize that defeating the firespawn would bestow on the victor. Dageon's brother Taven is attacked by the Red Dragon upon awakening and searches out his brother. Along the way he discovers that the Red Dragon clan has begun a new project, creating an army of real "red dragons" by mutating their members. He eventually finds a badly injured Caro, being harassed by Reptile, whom he defeats. Caro explains to Taven how Daegon had been accidentally awakened prematurely, and how Daegon killed his own parents when he discovered they were supporting Taven. Caro allows Taven to follow Daegon into the Netherrealm while he stayed behind and began to decimate the remaining Red Dragon members. Caro's fate is unknown.

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