Re-Goth is a growing aesthetic, fashion, and musical movement in the late 2000s due to a revitalized interest and popularity in the gothic subculture. Much like the the preliminary gothic movement, Re-Goth also strikes parallel tones of both the dark and melancholy, however, having been recycled by the fashion industry and independent music scene, this rebirth of the original genre is a more refined, minimal, and future-forward focused movement. Whereas the goth subculture is more influenced by the definition of nineteenth century gothic literature, romanticism, and theatricality, re-goth's aesthetics instead, are influenced by the objectives and fundamentals of the Bauhaus school, minimal brutality, technology, futurism, and the idea of post-civilization. The pioneers of the Re-Goth movement include fashion designers include Rick Owens, Vena Cava, and Alexander Wang.

Music within the re-goth movement is mainly influenced by dark wave, no wave, post-punk, and shoegaze music that first grew to fame in the 1970s and gained peak notoriety in the 1980s represented by such bands as The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen, Cocteau Twins, Suicide, Jesus and Mary Chain, Chameleons, and Bauhaus. In addition, Re-Goth is also influenced by alternative rock bands in the 1980s such as The Smiths and Marine Girls. Notable such bands include Cold Cave, Tearist, Silent Diane, and Beta Evers.

There is also a subset of music that falls under the overarching re-goth aesthetic known as drag (or witch house), which features a prominent hip hop influence, specifically the 90s Houston chopped and screwed scene pioneered by DJ Screw. The trademark chopped and screwed sound involves drastically slowed tempos on both the rap vocals and instrumentals with occasionally skipped beats, creating a hazy atmosphere said to mimic the effects of purple drank intoxication. This sound is re-contextualized in drag to create a darker, more sinister vibe. [1] Also common is the use of hip hop drum machines. The Disaro label is a major home to many drag bands, including Salem, White Ring, Modern Witch, Balam Acab and oOoOO.

Other labels in which other aforementioned Re-Goth bands are featured include Pendi, Weird Records, and Minimal Wave.


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