Rallo Tubbs
The Cleveland Show character
File:Rallo Tubbs.png
First appearance Pilot
Portrayed by Mike Henry
Gender Male
Relatives Donna Tubbs (mother)
Robert Tubbs (father)
Cleveland Brown
Roberta Tubbs (sister)
Cleveland Brown, Jr. (step-brother)
Auntie Momma/Uncle Kevin (great-aunt/uncle)
Nationality American

Rallo Tubbs is a character on the animated sitcom, The Cleveland Show. Rallo is the biological son of Donna and her ex-husband, Robert Tubbs. He also has an older sister named Roberta.


Rallo is a main character on the animated sitcom The Cleveland Show. He is the biological son of Donna & her ex-husband, Robert. He has one biological sister, Roberta. As a result of his mother marrying Cleveland, Rallo has gained Cleveland Brown Jr. as a step-brother.

Despite his age, and the fact his father has been mostly absent most of his life, Rallo behaves much like Robert, behaving at times like a very articulate thug, and hormonally charged. He seems to get along fairly well with his mother Donna and has a normal love/hate relationship with Roberta, who at times seems to neglect him (leaving him home alone), yet at other times speaks to him as if an intellectual equal. In one episode he thought his sister was dying because he saw blood from her period.

With the new arrivals of Cleveland Brown and Cleveland Jr. Rallo has shown some initial reluctance to accept both into his life, actively insulting them, and insulting their weight. However, he warms up to Cleveland, who manages to teach him how to handle checking out the girls in his kindergarden class. When Cleveland inadvertently kills the family dog, Rallo is devastated by the loss, but comes to respect Cleveland for all the work he did in trying to 'find him' when Rallo thought the dog was merely missing, as well as the effort Cleveland put into trying to be a good parent to Roberta.

Despite being younger than his new step-brother Cleveland Jr. Rallo seems to take a more aggressive hand in their interaction, openly insulting Jr. However, this seems to just be Rallo's way of addressing people in general, and not done with any deep malice intended. In fact, their relationship is showing promise of being a decently caring one at this point. In Birth of a Salesman both Roberta and Rallo are disturbed by how clean and attentive Cleveland Jr. is in regards to Donna's parental requests. Initially annoyed at him making them look bad, they become sympathetic when they realize that he never accepted his parent's divorce, and has been doing all he can to avoid giving in to his sorrow. Together Rallo and Roberta do all they can to help Cleveland Jr. let his feelings out and at the same time, they accept him as their brother. He might be racist towards Jewish people, as discovered in Ladies' Night. His favorite meal consists of fish sticks and tater tots, and, before his step-father moved in, he sat at the head of the dinner table.

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