Ragna the Bloodedge
File:Ragna the Bloodedge.jpg
Official BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger artwork for Ragna the Bloodedge.
First game BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
Created by Toshimichi Mori/Yuuki Katou
Voiced by Tomokazu Sugita (JP)

Travis Willingham (ENG)

Hard-headed and over-aggressive, Ragna "The Bloodedge" is the main character in the high-resolution 2D fighting game BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. Known throughout the "Novus Orbis Librarium Armagus" (the Library) as the Reaper, this man rebels against the government society alone as he sees the Control System's overly aggressive power is corrupting earth's civilization itself. He fights his way through any obstacles that get in his way with brute strength without fear of the immense bounty on his head. Such a high bounty forces Ragna to be in danger with the Library and other characters throughout the game. Ragna is a fowl-mouthed and straight-forward man. In his eyes everyone is a bother; especially Rachel Alucard, who even though Ragna constantly insults, happily stalks him. Ragna is the bloodline brother of Jin Kisaragi, which he deeply hates for an unknown reason. Inside, Ragna is a calm and peaceful person. Ragna has grey-white hair,two eye colors, wears a red jacket, long black baggy pants, and wields a large sword/scythe.

Story Mode[]

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"Soul Eater"[]

Ragna is referred to as the "Grim Reaper" for his ability to steal the life force of those he fights. This power emits with a black-red aura in the game. Just by touching his opponent Ragna can steal their soul bit by bit. If Ragna is in direct contact with a body, moves like "Dark Devastation" can take a large amount of life from opponents. The after-effects of "Soul Eater" gives Ragna a huge advantage, as all the life he drains from the opponent he gains back as recovery. Because Ragna is a close-range fighter, "Soul Eater" is well-suited for his abilities. Using his own enemies' health and blood against them implies the earning of the nickname "Bloodedge". Ragna's side power is the "Azure Grimoire", a stronger version of Armagus.


  • During Ragna's "Astral Heat" his blade mechanizes into a scythe-like figure with a crimson powerline going through it.
  • In the arcade import of Blazblue, Ragna seems to have died along with V#13 though this is not proven yet.
  • Ragna shows signs of demonic arms and waves in his attacks. Especially "Blood Cain" mode. Many believe him to be the incarnation of the "Black Beast".
  • Ragna's brother Jin idolizes him. Ragna on the other hand, quotes: "You just can't be forgiven."
  • Ragna avoids any unnecessary fights and lies about his existence to forward the matter. He does this so that in advance he is not given high attention concerning the notice of his warrant.
  • Is one of three the characters that was given the "Astral Heat" ability in the arcade import.