Rachel Coriolis
Rank: Chief Petty Officer
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Date of birth: Unknown
Home planet: Unknown
Affiliation: Terran Confederation
First Appeared: Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger

Rachel Coriolis is a fictional character in the Wing Commander video game universe. Her first appearance was in the computer game Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger. In Wing Commander III and Wing Commander: Prophecy, the character of Rachel is played by Ginger Lynn Allen.

Personal biography[]

In the fictional Wing Commander universe, Rachel Coriolis is the most decorated enlisted female in the Confederation Navy and is regarded as one of the top five naval engineers on active duty. Coriolis was born on a Navy base. She is the middle child and only girl in a family of five. Her father served in the Navy and her mother was nightclub singer (and a showgirl before marriage.)

Coriolis excelled in science and math, earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering in college. She attended Naval ROTC and did exceptionally well, but dropped out in Junior year rather than accepting a commission. Coriolis took an assignment on the TCS Victory, becoming the youngest flight deck Chief on any Confederation carrier at the time. While there, Coriolis met Christopher Blair and the two immediately married shortly after the war. Following a messy marriage break-up, Coriolis re-enlisted and earned two post-graduate degrees while serving.

Coriolis had an occasional involvement in research projects, and joined Midway's development at Blair's invitation after being promised control of the flight deck after its launch. The game manual from Wing Commander: Prophecy includes an e-mail from Paladin to Blair, mentioning them getting along well after their "falling out" at the end of the war. Coriolis is now friends with Blair. In the game Wing Commander: Prophecy, Lt. Casey is immediately taken with her (so much so that he cannot speak on their first encounter) but the two quickly become friends.

Role in Wing Commander III[]


Blair and Coriolis

Coriolis is one of two possible love interests for Christopher Blair (played by Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame) in Wing Commander III. Even if Blair does not choose her, they maintain a flirtatious relationship throughout the game--Rachel has many brief cutscenes, including one at the end of nearly every mission "grading" Blair's performance (based on how shot up his craft is) or informing him if an ejected wingman made it back safe. In their ending, after the long-fought Kilrathi War has ended, both Blair and Coriolis fly on a space shuttle and share a romantic moment together.

Maverick: So what would you like to do first?
Coriolis: I wanna take a long walk along the seashore, I wanna feel the sand between my toes, and never see another bulkhead. (laughing)
Maverick: Sounds good to me.

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