First appearance The Grim Grotto
Latest appearance The Grim Grotto
Fate Destroyed
Affiliation V.F.D.
General characteristics
Propulsion Propellers

Queequeg is a submarine from the children's book series A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. It is commanded by Captain Widdershins.[1] The name of the ship is taken from a character in Moby Dick by Herman Melville.

It was built by the volunteer side of V.F.D., presumably after the schism. The submarine was beyond repair as a firepole was used as a large axle in a submarine. The chief purpose of the submarine is to find the sugar bowl, which had been washed from the V.F.D. headquarters in the Mortmain Mountains out to sea and into the Gorgonian Grotto.

The boat had a crew of two, consisted of Captain Widdershins himself, chief engineer Fiona, and Phil, the cook. Prior to her death, Fiona's mother was the "second" of the crew of two, and the submarine saw numerous replacements for her before Phil's arrival, including the Snicket siblings and a woman who turned out to be a spy.

Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire were rescued by the captain and his crew after being washed down the river from the Mortmain Mountains. Later, an unknown question mark and an octopus looking figure appeared on the sonar screen. The octopus figure turned out to be Count Olaf, while the question mark, still unknown, is later referred to as "worse and more treacherous than Olaf himself." Directly afterwards, Olaf catches up to the Queequeg and shatters the windows, which are later repaired by the Baudelaires.

After the disappearance of Captain Widdershins and Phil, the Queequeg was captured by the Carmelita, an octopus-shaped submarine used by Count Olaf. Subsequently, Fiona joined the crew of the Carmelita in order to stay with her brother Fernald. However, she helped the Baudelaires escape and take the submarine to Briny Beach, where they meet Kit Snicket. It is assumed that the submarine was abandoned there. Lemony Snicket mentioned that, because he misread a group of sausages as spelling a K rather than an R, he caused the loss of an important bathyscaphe, possibly referring to the Queequeg.[2]

The Queequeg sailed out to sea to find the self-sustaining hot air balloon. After reuniting on Hector's float, they were attacked by trained eagles, which took out their balloon, causing them to crash the Queequeg and destroying it.[3] There, they were taken by the mysterious object shaped like a question mark which encountered once before when they were on the Queequeg. The question mark would be referred to as the Great Unknown, which is often an euphemism for what comes after death.


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