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In the Dungeons and Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the pyrolisk is a fictional creature that is very similar in appearance and physical strength to the cockatrice (a rooster/lizard hybrid). Their differences lie in the pyrolisk's red tail feathers and special abilities.

While the cockatrice is often cited as having a stoning touch or gaze, pyrolisks rely on their own special gaze which causes any who meet it to burst into flame, along with any nearby source of fire. Pyrolisks themselves are immune to all sources of fire. Unlike the cockatrice, which has an animal intelligence and is considered to be of neutral alignment, the pyrolisk has a somewhat increased intelligence, and is an actively evil creature. While it normally detests all creatures, its mortal enemy is the phoenix.

Pyrolisk in other media[]

The pyrolisk can also be found in the fantasy computer role-playing games, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XII, and NetHack.


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