Species Annunaki
Gender Male

Prometheus is one of the protagonists of The Conduit. He was originally thought to be a terrorist that allied with the Drudge. During most of the Campaign, Prometheus speaks to Mr. Ford via the ASE.

Relation to John Adams and the Drudge[]

Prometheus is thought to be a former Trust scientist, who stole valuable technology from the Trust. Prometheus is labeled a terrorist and a threat to America, up until Michael Ford is betrayed by John Adams. After This pivotal moment in the game, Prometheus assumes the role of the player's hint system and contact. On the Eighth Mission, near the end of the campaign mode, at The Trust base, Prometheus is revealed to be an alien used as the genetic base model for all Drudge seen in game.

Role in The Conduit[]

Prometheus battles the Trust in an attempt to stop Mr. Adams' plans. Mr. Ford originally fights against him, and is lead to believe that Prometheus is a terrorist by Mr. Adams. After Adams reveals that he has been manipulating Ford, and abandons him to die, he is rescued from the burning Jefferson Memorial by Prometheus' helicopter. Without actually meeting Micheal, Prometheus then sends him on missions across Washington D.C. to combat the Trust and the Drudge. Prometheus later directs Ford to a giant conduit which leads to a secret Trust base. In that base, Ford finds Prometheus, who is imprisoned, and has been using the ASE to communicate with Ford. Prometheus is an unknown alien species who is the model for the Drudge. He asks Ford to kill him and destroy the base, in order to prevent the creation of Drudge in the future. He was thought to be dead, but actually transferred his consciousness to the A.S.E. immediately before death. Later dialogue between the Unknown alien and Adams/Enlil reveals that Prometheus was loyal to their alien species, but went against them.