Prince of Demons is a title contested by the greatest demon lords of the Abyss, in the Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game.

The current Prince of Demons[]

At the moment[when?], the title belongs to Demogorgon, a mighty tanar'ri known for his unsurpassed physical prowess and his innovations and experimentations, which have released inventive new horrors upon the multiverse. Though in the chaotic and unorganized Abyss there are no official titles, no other demon lord has simply been able to prove themselves his better yet[citation needed].


Graz'zt, the Dark Prince, is one of if not the most cunning and intelligent demons in the Abyss. He rules over three layers of the Abyss, using a web of intrigue and terror to command his vast armies.

Orcus, the Demon Prince of the Undead, is a ram-headed tanar'ri who commands a great cult following on the Material Plane. While he lacks the individual might of Demogorgon or an empire as vast as Graz'zt's, he may actually be the closest to ascending to godhood.

Former holders of the title[]

Obox-ob, the Prince of Vermin, is a powerful obyrith who now gathers his power back from a disgusting layer deep in the Abyss. He was murdered by the Queen of Chaos when she was trying to rally the obyriths into a united front in the war against Law. One of his aspects managed to survive. It went into hiding in the layer of Zionyn, where it hopes to one day win back its title.

Miska the Wolf-Spider was granted the title after the fall of Obox-ob by the Queen of Chaos, who had taken him as her consort and head general. Her primary motive was to gain the cooperation of the tanar'ri, then a mere servitor/slave race of the obyriths, in the war against Law. He lost the title after he fell in battle on the Field of Pesh on the world of Oerth, and was ultimately imprisoned in Pandemonium.