Ponyville is the fictional home of the third generation (G3) My Little Pony toyline, a product of Hasbro. A hamlet inhabited by small, colorful ponies, Ponyville consists of houses, businesses and meadows surrounding the central Celebration Castle. There appeared to be no distinct ruler , however the discovery of Spike the dragon brought a new princess - Princess Wysteria, but right after that she generously named every pony on Ponyville a princess too. Most of the animated features for the current My Little Pony line have stories set in Ponyville.

The fictional hamlet of Ponyville features public places similar to those we have today. There are two main eateries - the Cotton Candy Cafe and The Sweet Shoppe. Instead of a library, pony's visit Storybell's house where she has a huge archive of stories. A hair salon called, The Twist n' Style Petal Parlour, which is also the centre for a lot of pony gossip, is managed by Daffidazey. Meadowbrook is the owner of a 'flower shop'. Also an ice cream parlour and a clothing boutique are introduced as playsets, but not mentioned in the movies.

All the ponies live in Ponyville. Houses are very simple and cottage-like. In a few movies, from the few brief glimpses we get of the interiors - most prominently in My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas - we see there are about three rooms, the living room, the bedroom, and another room, most likely the kitchen. The interiors of the houses are decorated according to the tastes of the pony. For instance, Rainbow Dash's home is decorated with rainbows, Pinkie Pie's home is very pink, etc.

Ponyville has a lot of scenery. It is rich with water, hosting magnificent waterfalls, large ponds and bubbling rivers. A river runs through the lower half of Ponyville, running further up. North of Ponyville are some small hills, where air balloons are docked. Any pony may go up and hop into an air balloon.

Three other fictional realms are Breezy Blossom, Butterfly Island, and Unicornia. Breezy Blossom is a small area nearby Ponyville inhabited by miniature pixie-like ponies called Breezies. Butterfly Island is a tropical island far out to sea, and is inhabited only by Pegasus ponies. Unicornia is very similar to Ponyville, and also seems to be a sort of large-metropolis sort of place, but it is home to unicorns. Unicornia also has a castle similar to the Celebration Castle.

Several notes of interest include that Kimono, 'the wisest pony', lives on the far edge of Ponyville near a pond. Storybell's house doubles as a public library.

Although considered a hamlet, which has usually four of five houses in it, several scenes show it is much bigger than a hamlet. Possibly a village or town.

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