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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the planetouched are mortal creatures whose ancestors were extraplanar creatures such as celestials, fiends, or elementals. Aasimar, tieflings, and genasi are the primary planetouched races. Fey'ri are a type of elf-derived tiefling found in the Forgotten Realms.

Planetouched are considered native outsiders.

Known Planetouched Races

  • Aasimar (humans descended from celestial beings)
  • Azerblood (Faerunian Planetouched descended from Shield Dwarves and Azers)
  • Axani (descended from lawful beings)
  • Cansin (descended from chaotic beings)
  • Celadrin (Faerunian Planetouched descended from Elves and Eladrin (usually Firre))
  • Chaond (descended from chaotic beings)
  • D'hin'ni (Faerunian Planetouched descended from Lightfoot Halflings and D'jinn)
  • Fey'ri (elves with fiendish blood)
  • Genasi (descended from elementals)
  • Glimmerfolk (descended from beings of radiant energy)
  • Maeluth (dwarves with devilish blood)
  • Mechanatrix (descended from clockwork creatures of Mechanus)
  • Mephling (similar to genasi but descended from mephits)
  • Para-genasi (dust, ice, magma, ooze, smoke, steam)
  • Shadowswyft (descended from creatures from the Plane of Shadow)
  • Shyft (descended from one of the native races of the Ethereal Plane)
  • Tanarukk (Orcs descended from demons)
  • Tiefling (humans descended from fiendish beings)
  • Wispling (halflings descended from demons)
  • Worghest (Faerunian Plantouched descended from Goblins and Barghests)
  • Zenythri (descended from lawful beings)


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