Peter Baker
First appearance June 15, 2004
Episode 3762
Last appearance May 22,2007
Episode 4422
Portrayed by Nicholas Bishop
Gender Male
Occupation Detective
Family Kevin Baker (father)
Noelene Baker (mother)
Dan Baker (brother (decesed)
Spouse Amanda Vale
Children Andrew Curtis (son)
Belle Taylor (step-daughter)
Ryan Baker (nephew & stepson)
Beth Hunter (step-daughter)
Relatives Leah Patterson-Baker (sister in law)
Kitty Vale (mother-in-law)
Kelli Vale (sister-in-law)

Detective Peter Kevin Baker was a fictional character in the Seven Network soap opera Home And Away, portrayed by Nicholas Bishop from 2004-2005, 2006, 2007, 2008


Peter made his debut in episode 3762 (2004) as a detective in the Sarah Lewis (Luisa Hastings-Edge) case. Over time, he became well-known and popular within the Bay due to his continuous heroic efforts to keep Summer Bay's security intact. He was however met with a sudden battle for life after being attacked by Sarah Lewis and going into an indefinite coma. He awoke some time in late 2004, only to discover the presence of his brother Dan (Tim Campbell), who he has had bad communication with in recent history. They did, however, resolve their differences and have become quite close over time. Peter was met with another drastic problem in early 2005, when the Summer Bay Stalker, Zoe McCallister (Emily Perry), began a four-month reign of terror on the people of Summer Bay to avenge Sarah's death, after becoming quite close to her during her time while working at Sarah's mental institution. She was however 'supposedly' killed in early May 2005, and was therefore not considered a threat any longer. Even with the Stalker gone, Peter continued to push his limits in Summer Bay, in attempts such as to discover the attempted arsonist on the Resort, the search for an abducted Matilda Hunter (Indiana Evans), and the search for the killer of Chloe Richards (Kristy Wright). However, he temporarily left the Bay soon afterwards after being caught during an undercover mission and being shot. He left to live in the city with Claire Brody (Katrina Campbell), his new girlfriend, where they would get married. In early 2006, Peter returned to Summer Bay for a 'visit' after helping Leah (Ada Nicodemou) overcome a convicted kidnapper, Dudley. But viewers soon learnt that Claire had left him, and that he was preparing to transfer back to Summer Bay, where he, along with Leah are again developing feelings for each other. Along with bad communications with his brother, Peter was never close to his family, however, they have somewhat resolved their differences and they have began to begin a form of relationship with each other.

Peter then returned once more to the bay, with his relationship with Claire over. His presence was, for some time, assumed merely to be as a way of reuniting with old friends, but it was later discovered that Zoe McCallister was still alive and plotting against the residents of Summer Bay. Zoe made an appearance at Jack Holden (Paul O'Brien) and Martha Mackenzie's (Jodi Gordon) wedding, and was the cause of an explosion. After the explosion, Peter was injected with a drug and made to appear brain dead to friends and family. He was secretly taken into witness protection on Tuesday 20 June 2006 without his prior knowledge or consent so that he could be protected from a dangerous gang he had aprehended some years previous. To make Peter's apparent death more convincing, Jack received a liver transplant that he urgently needed, and Witness Protection told Dr. Greene to convince people that the liver was from Peter. It was later discovered, on the day that Peter returned, that the liver could not be from Peter because he and Jack have different blood types. It was only when Peter's son, Drew Curtis (Bobby Morley), who was introduced into the soap on 2006-07-06, was endangered by this mob that Peter brought himself out of witness protection in 2006-10-16's episode to save his family. He was horrified when he found out that his son was having a mad affair with an old flame of Peter's, Amanda Walters (Holly Brisley). However he fell in love with his widowed sister-in-law himself. This was too much to Drew's annoyance that he lashed out at his dad, when Amanda and Peter came to admit to him about their affair. Since then Peter has moved into Amanda's and started a relationship with her. At first it was hard to accept by the other Baker family member but as time has moved along they have all including Dan, Leah, Ryan and Drew have accepted them as a couple. In February 2007 Peter proposed to Amanda. Peter and Amanda eventually married, but their marriage did not last long since Kelli and Ethan (Kelli's boyfriend) put pictures of Amanda and him in bed together at the wedding. Peter then left Amanda, having just been declared husband and wife.

After Kelli Revoulution and all the stuff she has done, Peter and Amanda got back together and moved to the city.

His wife, Amanda Baker is returning to the bay in february 2008 but it is unknown if Peter will accompany her.