Paul Gerard Kennedy, known by his friends as Chewy, was born on 26 May 1956 in Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia. He went to school at St Vincent's Ashfield, Our Lady of The Sacred Heart Bowral, Chevalier College Bowral and lastly St Patrick's Strathfiled where he completed his Higher School Certificate.

As a child, he loved television, especially science fiction, with the British series Doctor Who being one of his favourite shows. In his early 20's, he discovered Doctor Who fandom, and began joining clubs. In 1981, he received a visit from Bruce O'Brien from the Wollongong Doctor Who Club, who suggested that he produce a newsletter which would keep fans informed on the club scene in Australia. Later that year he released his first newsletter - Time Loop.

In 1982, he formed a fan club in Penrith, New South Wales - Metebelis III, with Tim Aldwinckle, Colin Briscoe, Lynne Churchyard and Lachlan Robinson. The club quickly grew.

Having corresponded with many fans around Australia and New Zealand, there appeared to be a need for a national body. Paul along with the members of Metebelis III and other fans including Karen Kerkes, Dietmar Ott, Chris Bayliss, David Kenyon and David Farar, established in 1983 the Supreme Council of Time Lords, also known as SCOT. This group also established the Double Gammas[1], which were first presented in 1984 at Who Do 84, the first national Doctor Who convention in Australia. This convention had as guest of honour, Dalek operator Robert Jewel, and fan guest of honour Gary Armstrong - model maker. Fans from all over Australia attended including fan writer Tim Richards from Western Australia and fan artist Bill Flowers from Tasmania.

Paul produced Time Loop until 1988, when he withdrew from fandom.

He was later to appear as an extras actor in the television series G.P. and Home and Away, as well as the mini series Elly and Jools and The Paper Man.

Paul has three daughters from his first marriage - Leila Jayne Kennedy, Sara Elisabeth Kennedy and Mychelle Suzanne Kennedy. Paul is engaged to Denise Margaret Behringer, with a marriage date set for late 2010.

Paul still enjoys science fiction, and has a web page - Kennedy's TV SF Guide.


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