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Paul Denton
Paul Denton, seen here in his default appearance in Deus Ex, is the brother of JC Denton, and one of the more important characters in the series.
Game series Deus Ex
First game Deus Ex (2000)
Created by Warren Spector, Harvey Smith
Voiced by Jay Anthony Franke

Paul Denton is a fictional character in the PC and video game, Deus Ex and its sequel, Deus Ex: Invisible War. Deus Ex and Invisible War were produced by Ion Storm Inc. and published by Eidos Interactive in 2000 and 2003 respectively.

Paul Denton was voiced by Jay Anthony Franke in both games.

In Deus Ex[]

Paul Denton is the older brother of JC Denton and a UNATCO employee in the beginning of Deus Ex. He was the first agent to successfully have nano-augmentations implanted into his body; thus he is referred to as "the primary unit" by Bob Page and Walton Simons.

As Deus Ex begins, Paul has just returned from Hong Kong. Since both brothers are clones, Paul Denton looks almost exactly like JC (his appearance automatically changing to match that selected for JC by the player), but is of a wholly different stock of character. Where JC is stolid and perfunctory, Paul is passionate and dedicated. Where JC is cold, Paul is empathetic and favors knocking out and incapacitating enemies rather than killing them. It is discovered later in the game that Paul has switched allegiances and is now working for the NSF. It is possible for him to die, depending on the player's actions, such as leaving or saving him during an assault on his hotel room. Paul's foes include Gunther Hermann, a loyal UNATCO agent who requests his assassination. If the player decides to save Paul, he will later turn up in Hong Kong and sometimes talk to the player via info link.

Prior to his defection, Paul is repeatedly mocked and criticised by UNATCO personnel over his distaste for violent methods. Ironically, if the player chooses to stay when UNATCO come to arrest him, they will witness Paul mow down an impressive number of them before escaping.

In Invisible War[]


Paul Denton in Deus Ex: Invisible War

In the sequel, Deus Ex: Invisible War, he along with Tracer Tong co-founds ApostleCorp. This entity's main purpose is to develop improved nanotechnology to deal with the imperfect merger of JC and the Helios AI. It also holds interest in developing a universal nanite strain acceptable to all humans. Paul, however, is knocked into a coma after subjecting himself to experiments involving nanites, testing an incarnation of that improved nanotechnology. The perfected nanotech architecture within the character, administered to Paul, and to JC, can restore both. In the game, the player may choose to save or abandon Paul, and can also later join forces with him.

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