Paradron was a fictional planet in the Transformers cartoon series.

Fight or Flee[]

Appearing in the episode "Fight or Flee", Paradron was a colony world that closely resembled the Transformer homeworld of Cybertron. The planet was hidden behind a space vortex, and was settled by pacifist Autobots who were led by Sandstorm. They were seeking to escape the wars that plagued Cybertron.

Unfortunately, the planet was discovered by the Decepticons Cyclonus and Scourge, who had taken refuge in the vortex after losing a battle with Superion. They informed Galvatron that the planet had large reserves of energy and that it would be easy to conquer given the pacific nature of the Autobots on the planet. Galvatron and the other Decepticons soon joined Cyclonus and Scourge on the planet. The Decepticons swiftly took control of the planet and enslaved all the Autobots, except for Sandstorm, who was taken prisoner.

Sandstorm managed to break out of the prison, and escaped from the planet (and the vortex) by a space ship. The ship's systems began to malfunction and he radioed for help. The Autobots heard the distress call, and took Sandstorm back to Cybertron for interrogation. Sandstorm told the Cybertronian Autobots about Paradron, and convinced them of the danger of allowing the Decepticons to possess it.

Rodimus Prime gave the order to put together a strike force. Blurr pointed out that the Decepticons knew that Sandstorm had escaped, and that they would therefore have a trap prepared. Rodimus therefore made use of a decoy ship to fool the Decepticons into thinking that the Autobot task force had been obliterated by planetary defences, before launching the real assault on the planet.

The Autobots freed the Paradronians, who had been held prisoner in a vast warehouse. Sandstorm and Rodimus managed to convince them of the necessity to fight back, which was not an easy task given that the Paradronians were committed pacifists.

When it became clear that it would be impossible to take control of Paradron from the Decepticons, Rodimus Prime gave the order to destroy the planet. Sandstorm initially protested this decision, but Rodimus told him that if the Decepticons won Paradron then every planet in the universe would be vulnerable. Ultra Magnus and Sandstorm planted a bomb in the planet's energon core. Ultra Magnus commented that the core was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen, before telling Sandstorm to hand him the bomb.

Galvatron tried to stop them from escaping, but they withdrew successfully. Galvatron called them cowards as they fled, but knowing that Ultra Magnus was not a coward, he realised that something was wrong. Suspecting what had happened, he ordered all Decepticons to abandon the planet. The Autobots were on a nearby asteroid and saw the Decepticons retreat as Paradron was obliterated. The citizens of Pardron were relocated to Cybertron, although they were never seen again in the series.

In the scripts contained on the third season DVD release, the Decepticons had been planning to construct a weapon on Paradron that would have been so powerful it could have obliterated Cybertron, leading to the Autobots' deciding to destroy the entire planet so quickly.

Dreamwave Comics[]

Paradron also appeared in the Dreamwave Productions "Micromasters" comic book mini-series.