Paradise Estate is the pink house inhabited by the Little Ponies in the My Little Pony television series. Originally, the Ponies lived in Dream Castle, relocating to the Paradise Estate in My Little Pony: The Movie.

The Paradise Estate is a pink building with blue windows, featuring four main rooms - two bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room - with a pool at the center. Adjacent to the main building is the Lullabye Nursery, home to the Baby Ponies. Nearby is the Baby Bonnet School of Dance, the site of Knight Shade's concert in Bright Lights. Both of these buildings were previously located near to Dream Castle.[citation needed]

The grounds of the Estate feature an extensive garden, maintained by Posey, and an apple orchard maintained by Cherries Jubilee.[citation needed]

Notable events[]

My Little Pony: The Movie[]

The Little Ponies were left homeless when The Witches from the Volcano of Gloom buried Dream Castle with Smooze, a sentient ocean of purple lava. The Moochic created a new home for the Ponies, the Paradise Estate, in a part of Dream Valley the Smooze had not affected. The Witches soon unleashed a second wave of Smooze, which reached as far as the Estate, forcing the Little Ponies to climb to safety on the roof. A massive army of Flutter Ponies fought back with their Utter Flutter, forcing the Smooze back to the Volcano and dumping the witches in it. The Ponies remained in the Paradise Estaste, and the recovered Dream Castle was given to the Grundles, who'd earlier been made homeless by a Smooze attack.[citation needed]

The Ghost of Paradise Estate[]

The Little Ponies were driven out of their own home by what appeared to be a ghost - in truth, a shape-shifting bird named Pluma - who then utterly destroyed Paradise Estate. Phluma needed an amulet buried beneath Paradise Estate to pay ransom for her grandfather. After Phluma's grandfather was freed, the Ponies stole the amulet back and used it to restore Paradise Estate.[citation needed]

The Glass Princess[]

The entire Paradise Estate, and all the Ponies within, were turned to glass by the magical pig Porcina. She eventually regretted her actions and reversed the spell.[citation needed]

The Return of Tambelon[]

The city of Tambelon from the Realm of Darkness materialised in Dream Valley, as it did every five hundred years. Paradise Estate was invaded by Troggles, servants of the city's ruler Grogar. Grogar planned to abandon Tambelon after imprisoning the Ponies inside and allowing it to return to the Realm of Darkness. The Ponies escaped, and the city vanished with Grogar inside. The Troggles abandoned Paradise Estate and adopted a peaceful existence in Dream Valley.[citation needed]

The Magic Coins[]

Baby Lickety-Split was granted her rashly-made wish that it would never again rain. Without water, the Paradise Estate's gardens died, and the Ponies were left with nothing to fight a huge fire which spread through the grounds of the Estate. Just as the Ponies made preparations to abandon their home, the troll Niblic reversed the spell, summoning rain which extinguished the fire.[citation needed]

Woe Is Me[]

Paradise Estate was largely demolished by the arrival of Woebegone, a wandering hobo with a history of bad luck.[citation needed]

The Revolt of Paradise Estate[]

Frustrated at the difficulty of repairing the Estate, the Ponies accepted a can of magic paint, which not only instantly repaired the Estate, but brought it to life. The living furniture soon grew tired of the Ponies and threw them out, whereupon the wizard took over the Estate. When the Ponies and furniture fought back, he removed the spell, making the Estate lifeless again. He was driven away by his own wand which, receiving its own coat of paint, came to life and sought revenge.[citation needed]

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