The POP Station is a portable gaming system, whose design is a knockoff of another video game console, Sony's PlayStation Portable.[1] It is manufactured by the same Chinese company that made the Neo Double Games.

The box from the POP Station and the Neo Double Games is based from the PSP box. Box contents includes a hand-strap and earphones. There are 5 games avaliable; Street Fighter, Submarine Invasion, Soccer, Fortress Guardian, and Midnight Motorcycle. It was originally without Midnight Motorcycle, but Fortress Guardian got removed in favor of Midnight Motorcycle. It has the same available games as the Neo Double Games. Other models have also been released which include rip-offs of the Xbox, Playstation 3 and Gameboy Advance SP.

Game design[]

The game-play is similar to the styles of Nintendo's Game and Watch series, which symbols light up when required. The screen is an LED back-lit LCD screen, with the colors being red, blue, and green.

Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, however, have not pursued the makers of these systems, considering that they look similar to the real console and can mislead consumers.


The system is mostly known for being reviewed by a YouTube comedian, Stuart Ashen. In his review, he stated that the earphones were "much touted," and that he wouldn't trust the strap with carrying a "single atom."[2]


The Pop Station was later succeeded by a console called the "PCP Station". Although bearing close resemblance to the Pop Station it features slightly better graphics, more games and a slightly different over all look. It features the games Street Overlord ( a rip-off of Street fighter), Super Mary/Merio, and more. Stuart Ashen jokingly called it a "true successor".[3]


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