Otto Delaney
First appearance "Giving Back" (episode 1.05)
Created by Kurt Sutter
Portrayed by Kurt Sutter
Nickname Big Otto
Gender Male
Occupation Prisoner, former gangster
Spouse Luann Delaney (deceased)
Nationality United States American

"Big" Otto Delaney is a fictional character on the FX television series Sons of Anarchy, played by the show's creator Kurt Sutter.[1][2] He is a member of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, but is imprisoned in Stockton state prison.


Delaney was born in Colma, California on September 29, 1963 and was a member of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club's Charming chapter, known as SAMCRO, before being imprisoned in Stockton state prison on charges of second-degree murder and vehicle theft. He does keep contact with the club, however, and seems to be a powerful man on the inside, leading the "Big House Crew", a gang made up of imprisoned Sons of Anarchy members. He was married to Luann, his "old lady", before her murder in 2009. He was deeply in love with her, and has her name tattooed on his arm.[3] He was given the nickname Big Otto so as to avoid confusion with another club member Otto Moran aka "L'il Killer".

Season One[]

Otto Delaney and a number of other imprisoned SAMCRO members have been protecting Chuck Marstein in prison. He is wanted by the Triads because he stole money from them, then informed on a number of their members when he was arrested. When Clay Morrow and Jax Teller went to visit Otto in prison, he told them that if they protected Chuck when he was released, he would inform them on where the Triads keep their money. They agreed and picked him up from prison and brought him to the clubhouse. After being chased by the Triad, SAMCRO members learned that Chuck had lied and the money was counterfeit. They turned Chuck over to the Triad in exchange for the Triad letting the rest of the club members leave.[4]

Luann was arrested on drug charges, and ATF agent June Stahl used this to get to Otto. She told him that Luann would go free and he would be released at his next parole hearing, in three months time, if he gave her incriminating information on SAMCRO. He said that he would give her information on a 1999 heist involving SAMCRO and two other chapters. He thought that would be safe because the charge was past its expiration date. However Luann informed Otto that Stahl was using a racketeering law and any old charge could lead to the arrests of all the charter members, even those who had not been proven to commit a crime. To let the club know that he did not cooperate Otto slammed Stahl's face into a table until she was barely recognizable.[5]

Season Two[]

In Season Two, the Aryan Brotherhood attacks Otto, Otto fights back and a member named Squirrel takes revenge by putting out Otto's good eye while saying "Beating was from The League, this is from me!". Clay wanted to retaliate immediately so that the white separatists would leave SOA members alone, but Jax wanted to wait and see if they could find out more information about their enemy. The vote was divided 4 to 4, so they wait for Jax to find out whatever information he is looking for before fighting back. Later in season 2 his wife Luann was found beaten to death on the side of a road, most likely due to a rivalry with a competing pornographer, Georgie Caruso.

In the season two finale, Otto revealed to Jax that he still retained 10% vision in his eye. Later in the episode, Otto and a prison friend subdued Squirrel in the prison library and Otto exacted revenge by stabbing Squirrel, in the neck with a screwdriver. Before killing Squirrel, Otto said "Beating was from SAMCRO this is from me".


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