Orla Kirwan
Fair City
First appearance 2000
Occupation Pr Worker

Orla Kirwan is a fictional character in the Irish soap opera Fair City.

About Orla[]

Orla arrived in 2000 as the cousin of Niamh Cassidy. She started up her own PR company which has been successful.

Orla has had many brief realtionships. She had a short relationship with Paul Brennan. She also had a fling with Floyd Phelan and Jimmy Doyle.

She started a strong relationship with Seamus McAleer who was much older than her. Orla soon got bored of Seamus and had an affair with William Russell who was engaged to McAleer's daughter. Orla stayed with Seamus because of his money and kept up the affair with William. Angela O'Connell found out about the affair and told Seamus. Seamus had William badly beaten and threw Orla out.

Orla now lives with her cousin Niamh and the two bicker constantly. In 2008, Orla began a relationship with Dean Dowling. However Orla was too forward and Dean ended up dumping her.