Orbital Frames are a type of mecha from the fictional series Zone of the Enders (series)

Orbital Frames are martian battle units, created through the use of Metatron Ore. Due to Metatron's unique properties they are more powerful then the Earth based LEVs

Techical Data[]

Vector Cannon[]

Vector Trap[]

Notable Frames[]


  • Pilot:Mebius K.Lylekraft
  • AI:???

Frist-ever Orbital Frame used by BIS, designed as mid-to long-range backup support. Lacking in durability.


  • Pilot:Radium Lavans
  • AI:N/A

Idolo was the first Orbital Frame. It was destroyed during the Deimos Incident, and its remains were used to create Isis and Hathor


  • Pilot:Cage Midwell
  • AI:Pharsti

An Orbital Frame with a near limitless capacity for evolution. Mounted the only Version Beta of the mental feedback system I.D.O. Mindflow, which allowed even a novice pilot to learn the controls quickly and develop in skill at a dramatic rate. Had an optional shell that disguised it as a strange-model LEV, and mounted a beam rifle/lance as its right arm. This later matured into a split-bladed sword that could be used to fire various energy types. Left hand's fingertips mounted lasers, was equipped with Self-Sustaining Armor. Absurdly fast and powerful even for an Orbital Frame. The Pharsti-controlled Testament was ultimately destroyed in the face of a missile strike - the way in which it was destroyed depends on the player's story path.

-On the 26 Scene story path, dragging Iblis off of the BIS mobile base Sayoshyant while remotely controlling all the remaining Ifrit units to block the missiles. The inclusion of additional unique units and characters, as well as the difficulty involved in getting it, seems to make this the canon path.

-On the 28 Scene story path, utilizing the Marlblanke Effect in tandem with Iblis to form a shield against the missiles.

Iblis / Black Frame[]

  • Pilot: Ares Enduwa
  • AI:???

The mystery machine that destroyed Bonaparte, the spine of which is a bony structure reminiscent of a bird's wing. Completely black, conjures un images of the devil. Orbital Frame Ibliss, the true identity of the Black Frame is an older model of the Animus series, it si equipped with version alpha of the I.D.O. Mindflow system, making it an imposing enemy for Testament.


  • Pilot:Viola
  • AI:N/A

Viola's personal Frame, it was destroyed in battle with Jehuty.


  • Pilot:N/A
  • AI:Viola

A Frame piloted by an AI based off of Viola's personality.

Twined Frames[]


  • Pilot:Nohman
  • AI: N/A

Anubis is one of the most powerful Orbital Frames and is twinned with Jehuty


  • Pilot:Radium Lavans
  • AI:N/A

Hathor was built from Idolo's wreckage, and is the twin of Isis


  • Pilot: James Links
  • AI:Dolores

Isis was created from Idolo's wreckage and is the twin of Hathor. Unusually, whereas most AI are for all intents and purposes onboard computers, Isis acts as Dolores body, allowing her to feel sensations such as pain or ticklish.


  • Pilot:Leo Stenbuck/Dingo Egret
  • AI:ADA

A powerful Frame, twinned with Anubis.

Automated Frames[]

Orbital Frames that are fully automated, lacking both pilots or advanced AIs


A common model, used as frontline infantry. Dolores and Hathor have the ability to interface and control Raptor units. After contact with Dolores, one raptor seemed to develop a more advanced AI, and followed her around, showing emotion and even embarrassment. Nicknamed 'Mr Raptor', it was destroyed while helping Dolores protect a girl caught in the line of fire between several LEVs and an Orbital Frame.


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  • Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner (PlayStation 2)
  • Zone of the Enders: Idolo (DVD Movie)
  • ZOE: Dolores, i (DVD Series)

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