Or'zet is the fictional language of the orks in the role-playing game Shadowrun.

Within the world of Shadowrun, Or’zet was a dead and forgotten tongue from the time of Earthdawn. It was rediscovered when the dragon Dunkelzahn bequeathed the Or'zet codex to the ork Robert Page in 2057. The codex was an ancient book with metal pages that was written in both Sperethiel and Or'zet.

Robert Page began deciphering the codex at the Orkland Community Center (OCC) with the help of several linguistic researchers. The OCC began teaching Or'zet in 2061 which quickly spread to various other ork communities. Soon after Or'zet classes began, the OCC was attacked by General Keiji Saito's forces, who imprisoned all of the researchers and destroyed all of the hardcopies of the codex translation at the OCC. Robert Page and the original codex have since disappeared.

As such, it is a language isolate, related to no other language or family of languages, although it does have a number of loan words from Sperethiel.

Since the codex’s release, Or’zet has been heavily adopted by the orks of Shadowrun, who have added many modern loan words from Cityspeak.

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