Kgun is short for kinetic energy gun. The term for this technology can also be stated as Krifle or Kpistol. The weapon fires a transparent blue beam that strikes with raw force. At the academies, hand held models are used to train the young supers in team exercises. They have variable settings and some have sights or scopes. Standard Kguns can strike hard enough to shatter boulders or blow holes in buildings.


An Ngun is a major upgrade from the Kgun. The Ngun became possible due to the efforts of IQ, an Alpha brain, and Cosmos. The Ngun is a nano technology upgrade to the Kgun. The effects are similar, just more potent. A handheld Ngun strikes many times harder than the Kgun of similar size.


HoloG, stands for holographic generator. The HU brains have been able use HoloG technology to stealth aircraft or hide buildings. The technology has not been miniaturized enough to allow one person to become invisible.

Anti Gravity[]

The HU has antigravity technology that it used for its aircraft and for the Bishamon Sentinels. The technology is usually used in conjunction with some type of propulsion system.

Red Harness[]

A training tool used at the academies. The red harness is worn by a student sparing or participating in superhuman. The harness has two functions. First, it relays the vital statistics to a computer that controls the harness. Second, it is half of a teleportation mechanism that can teleport the wearer out of danger and into a receiving room. The other part of this technology is the computer that controls the red harness. The HU technology that controls the harness is a closely guarded secret. Somehow the control computers are able to receive feed back from a second or two in the future. This allows the red harness to teleport the wearer out of mortal danger before it happens.

Nano technology[]

The brains at Alpha academy used Cosmos to create a vat of computer controlled nano robots that could then make other things. IQ and the other brains at Alpha academy have made smaller computer parts, carbon nano tube rope, armor plates, Nguns, and several other items.

HU grid[]

The Heroes Union grid is an advanced information network many times faster than the internet. The HU grid communicates via 24 advanced orbital satellites that are only for HU use. The grid also allows for in-flight navigation, voice communications, data communications, satellite access, standard internet access, and a variety of other uses. All data on the grid is said to be encrypted and secured.


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