Spriggan character
File:Oboro Spriggan.jpg
Oboro in a Spriggan operation
First appearance Crystal Skull Arc
Created by Hiroshi Takashige and Ryōji Minagawa
Alias Mirage
Long (Real Name)
Nationality Chinese
Affiliations Spriggans (Current)
Skills Qigong techniques, mostly disabling or paralyzing moves

Oboro (?) is a fictional character in the manga series Spriggan created by Hiroshi Takashige and Ryōji Minagawa. He is of Chinese descent and wear a Cheongsam suit while using Qigong martial arts to fight his enemies by either disabling or paralyzing them. Like Tea Flatte, Oboro shuns the use of firearms.



In his early teens, Oboro left China and travelled to Thailand, where he met Dr. Percup Ramdi to hone his martial art skills. Meeting with the only Western doctor to practice faith healing, he assisted Oboro in his training that enfuses Dr. Ramdi's faith healing practice with his Qigong martial arts and fought against Cheng Swanrie and won by using a Dim Mak to paralyze his chest and legs from moving. Later on, he travels to South America as part of his journey to further hone his Qigong skills as a Spriggan. In that point, he met a young and deranged Yu Ominae in military uniform, who attacked him with his M60 machine gun. Using his Qigong martial arts, Oboro successfully parried a knife lunge from Yu's combat knife and placed his palm on Yu's forehead, effectively paralyzing him with a Dim Mak attack.

Oboro later brought Yu back to civilization and eventually back to Japan, where Yamamoto adopted him as his ward. Oboro, on his part, trained him on martial arts combat during his covert military training to be a Spriggan agent.[1]

Spriggan Life[]

Oboro was called on by the ARCAM Corporation to infiltrate a Neo-Nazi faction lead by Colonel Kutheimer in Egypt to locate evidence that he had the Crystal Skull after hiring an assassin to murder Shozo Kawahara and his archaeological party under the name Mirage. His cover was responsible for helping Yu and Suzuko Kawahara neutralize Kutheimer's operations in Egypt, using a Qigong skill to completely paralyze him that he was eventually forced to be confined in a wheelchair after utilizing a Dim Mak attack on him. He did the same to Bo Brantz, only that he stunned him to prevent leg movement.

During his time with Colonel Kutheimer, he uses an internal chi strike to attack Yu's body underneath his Armored Muscle Suit to maintain his legend since he may be exposed if he was lenient in facing Yu when he tried to attack Colonel Kutheimer.[2] He laters rescue Suzuko from being killed by Hans Schneider, a violent psychopath who used a balisong knife to dismember Shozo alive.

Oboro later participated with Yu in a mission to Iraq to protect Sister Kate, who had the Apocrypha of Rockis with her when cultists from the Magier Heunri Balez wanted to use the Magical Circle of Chaos inside the Reverse Babel Tower in northern Iraq to conjured demons. Later on, Oboro returned to Thailand and assisted Yu and Yoshino in fighting against Cheng, who had honed his Qigong skills to seek revenge against him for his humiliating defeat.

In a change of events, Oboro had attacked an ARCAM Special Private Army detachment in Pakistan and was able to defeat Jean Jacquemonde in his werewolf form by stabbing him with a wooden stake, placing him in critical status. An enraged Yu defeated him in one-on-one combat, but Oboro walked away with bruises on his face while smiling at his ex-student.

Near the end of the Spriggan manga, he assisted Yu in disabling Trident's communications with Takashi, which prevented Larry Markson from calling in additional reinforcements to the South Pole, which may be the reason why Oboro "attacked" the ARCAM Special Private Army detachment in Pakistan as a means of infiltrating the Trident Corporation. What happened after that is unknown.


He is calm and mindful of the situation, even when he defected from ARCAM to infiltrate Trident's operations. Oboro prefers training oneself with perseverance, not with artificial means like steroids and items like the Armored Muscle Suit because they only enchance one's skills and not help you train naturally.[3]

But on the other hand, he has shown some compassion with people like Bo [4] while strikes others hard like Colonel Kutheimer to learn about the things they have done against others.[5]

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  2. Oboro insists that if he didn't harm him a bit, Colonel Kutheimer might ask questions about him.
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