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The Oberon Confederation is an intersteller nation in the BattleTech universe.


When the 65th Lyran Regulars were nearly destroyed during combat with House Marik troops, Colonel Hendrik Grimm and the other survivors of the regiment headed to the Periphery, believing that the Lyran Government had written them off. Moving through the Periphery, they stumbled across the temperate world of Oberon VI. Over time, many soldiers came to Oberon VI who had become weary of the endless fighting within the Inner Sphere.

The people of Oberon turned to piracy in order to sustain their fledgeling nation. Of note is that these acts of piracy were for the purposes of sustaining the populace, not for personal gain. Oberon also began colonizing nearby star systems, thereby establishing themselves as a small Successor State.

Under the rule of Hendrik Grimm III (grandson of the first Colonel Hendrik Grimm), the Oberon Confederation has become a seemingly serious and stable state with the Inner Sphere. Hendrik III has trade relations with the nearby Elysian Fields, also forbidding his pirates to raid there. Being the most respected of the Bandit Kingdoms on the Periphery, both House Steiner and House Kurita have offered alliance to Hendrik III and the Oberon Confederation, although Grimm has never accepted.

During the invasion of the Clans in 3049, the Oberon Confederation and its worlds were overrun by Clan Wolf, and became part of the Wolf Clan occupation zone. Reportedly, Hendrik III committed suicide rather than falling into the hands of the Clans.

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