The ORION Foundation is a fictional covert operations agency that plays the protagonist part in the Top Secret/S.I. role-playing game.

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Orion Foundation

The Orion Foundation exists for one purpose- to stop WEB and its ultimate goal of world subjugation. Orion is made up of agents from all parts of the world. [1] [2]


The WEB increased its activities during the depression like never before. With more criminal action it was only natural that more and more people would discover the secret organization. The authorities proved to be not strong enough to overcome the WEB. Those who stumbled upon the Web and survived the lethal cost of doing so found each other and banded together.

Some of these survivors were wealthy and pooled their resources together into a foundation dedicated to nothing but the opposition of the WEB. The nature of the hunt lead to the naming of the foundation Orion, the hunter.

Bureaus and Support Groups[]


The Orion Foundation has bureaus all over the world. Organized into 12 sections, each named after a zodiac sign. Once a year the Section Directors (or SD's) meet in a council called the Zodiac. Special meetings may be called to deal with emergencies. Orion Central is where the Foundation's Operations are controlled. The location of Orion Central rotates through the bureaus every five years.


Support units are named after the moons of the Visible Planets (Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn).

  • The Ganymede Bureau - Mentex Technologies Laboratory
    • G1 - Administration and Finance
    • G2 - Basic Research and New Technologies Development
    • G3 - Development and Construction
    • G4 - Distribution and Training
  • Titan Team - agents trained in commando and counter-terrorist operations. Titan Teams are available to agents who need powerful backup and support.
  • Celestial Airlines - small nationwide carrier. The founder of Celestial Airlines was a victim of a Web operation. When Orion came to his assistance, he offered to be an emergency transport service. Agents can use Celestial when they need travel, but have no resources. [3]
  • F.R.E.E. Lancers (Fast Reaction Experimental Enforcement)- A group of mercenaries that use paranormal abilities (psionics, super-powers, and super-science technology). They are for hire to the highest bidder, but their cases are limited to those judged worthy of their skills.



The Orion Foundation appeared in all of the Top Secret/S.I. products.

Box sets[]

Accessory books[]

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Mission modules[]

Solo Operations Casebooks[]

  • The Final Bug. Jean Blashfield (1988). ISBN 0-88038-553-7
  • Foul Play at Fool's Summit. Troy Denning (1989). ISBN 0-88038-621-5 (Note: though this module has an ISBN, it was never actually released, as the Catacombs gamebook line was cancelled before its release.)


Five novels were published by TSR from various campaign settings from Top Secret/S.I. game. The Double Agent series each contained two novellas in each volume.


Two graphic novels based on the Pulp-era setting were published.

TSR published eight issues of 13: Assassin comic that featured stories set in the Agent 13 campaign setting bringing the story to a more modern era (1990's). The first six issues had a back-up story set in the Top Secret/S.I. setting (ORION vs. WEB) which seemed to take place at the end of the agency's covert war. Each issue also contained a miniature game and some issues included character stats for the role-playing game.


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