República del Nuevo Rico
Republic of Nuevo Rico
Flag of Nuevo Rico
Flag of Nuevo Rico
Official language Spanish
Capital San Fación
Head of State and Head of Government General Mogador

Nuevo Rico is a fictional South American country in the The Adventures of Tintin album The Broken Ear (1937). The name means nouveau riche or parvenu in Spanish.

Nuevo Rico is the hostile neighbour to San Theodoros and during The Broken Ear the two countries go to war over the area of Gran Chapo – an allusion to the Chaco War fought by Bolivia and Paraguay (Nuevo Rico representing the latter) over Gran Chaco from 1932 to 1935 and a pun on grand chapeau (big hat in French).

The flag consists of three red stars in a triangle against a black background. The head of state is General Mogador. The capital is San Facion.

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