Norrath is a fictional planet in the EverQuest universe. The planet is composed of a number of oceans and continents. The game's storyline has included information on these continents on the planet: Antonica, Faydwer, Kunark, Odus, Velious and Taelosia. The storyline also indicates the planet has several moons, including Luclin, Drinal and Morrell.

The following information describes Norrath before "The Shattering", an event in the storyline created by the game designers in which the moon Luclin was shattered and rained down on Norrath, drastically altering the face of the planet. The information in this article applies to pre-Shattering Everquest, but not post-Shattering Everquest II.

Places on the world of Norrath[]

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Antonica is the largest continent on Norrath, and is home to the Humans, Halflings, Frogloks, Tier'Dal, Trolls, Ogres, Drakkin, and some Half Elves. It has the most varied climate of all the continents, with prairie, desert, tundra, swamp and jungle environments.

Cities within Antonica[]

Freeport - One of the two cities belonging to Humans. Freeport is divided into sections, West and East. The evil Freeport Militia and the good Paladins of Marr each have control over portions of the city. Freeport is located on the border of the Desert of Ro. Before this city was revamped (as part of the Prophecy of Ro expansion), it was split into three sections, with the evil Freeport Militia in control the west and east sections, and the good Paladins of Marr in control the north.

Grobb - Home city of the Trolls. Grobb was captured by the Frogloks and renamed Gukta, but was subsequently reclaimed by the Trolls. It is located in Innothule Swamp.

Halas - Home city of the Barbarians. Halas is located in the far north, in the Everfrost area.

Neriak - Home city of the Dark Elves, located in caverns under Nekutlos Forest.

Oggok - Home city of the Ogres, located in the Feerott.

Qeynos - Another Human City. Qeynos is divided into three sections, North, South, and the Catacombs, with the evil Bloodsabers inhabiting the Catacombs and a wide variety of good and neutral inclined types in the city proper. Qeynos is a port city with the Plains of Karana to the east and Erud's Crossing to the west.

Surefall Glade - More of a camp than a city proper, Surefall Glade is home of all the human and half elf rangers and druids on the continent of Antonica. It is located northeast of Qeynos, bordering the Jaggedpine Forest.

Rivervale - Home city of the Halflings.

Land Areas within Antonica[]

Broken Skull Rock is an island in the Gulf of Gunthak, south of Antonica. It is used as a base by the trolls of the Ykesha clan. It also seems to be the home area of the semi-aquatic Luggalds. Broken Skull Rock itself is divided into several distinct areas - Dulak's Harbor, Togiran's Mines, and the Crypt of Nadox.

The Buried Sea is the sea to the southwest of Antonica. No information about this zone is available.

The Commonlands are the wilderness area directly west of Freeport. The eastern section of the Commonlands is primarily deciduous forest, while the western section is open grassland with a small lake. Both sections have desert areas along the southern border.

The Dead Hills are an area to the southwest of The Feerott that were never incorporated into the game. Brief mention of them was made in the Everquest D20 player's guide.

Eruds Crossing is the shallow sea that separates Antonica from Odus. An island in the middle of the crossing is home to a small tribe of Kerra, and numerous willowisps. The ocean teams with deadly sharks.

Everfrost Peaks is the mountainous area southwest of Halas. In the game, this was part of the zone Everfrost. The gnollish home of Blackburrow is dug out under the peaks.

The Feerott is the jungle in the southwestern corner of Antonica. Feerott is the primary stomping grounds of the Ogres, but many tribes of Lizardmen live there, and ruins of ancient Rallosian civilization are easy to find. The Temple of Cazic Thule can be found in this zone. The Greenblood River runs through this zone.

Gulf of Gunthak is the body of water southeast of Antonica. Not included in the original Everquest as a zone, it was released as part of the Legacy of Ykesha expansion. The Gulf is home to numerous pirates.

The Hatchland refers to a mountainous area southwest of Halas. Nothing further is known of it, although it is rumored to be an old location of the Ring of Scale on Antonica.

Jaggedpine Forest is a forest north of Qeynos, so named for the trees. The bark of the Jaggedpine trees is so rough, that it is said it can be used to flay the skin off a gnoll. The forest was sealed by the rangers and druids of Surefall Glade, but the gnolls in Blackburrow managed to burrow up into it. The forest itself is populated by powerful wild animals and griffons, as well as a non-hostile tribe of gnolls. Hostile creatures include the Darkpaw Gnolls and the potamieds. The western edge of the forest borders on the Abysmal Sea, and is where the expedition to Nihilia started. Jaggedpine Forest was not a part of the original game, and was released as a free patch well after the release of the Velious expansion.

Kithicor Forest is a forest to the east of Rivervale. The trees are so dense that it's dark even during the day. During the day it's home to wildlife, bixies and a small population of orcs. At night however, powerful undead emerge, the end result of a bloody battle.

The Frigid Plain is a windswept tundra east of Halas. It was never included as part of the game nor described in the Everquest D20 game manual.

Innothule Swamp is the swampy area at the far southeastern corner of Antonica. The Trollish homeland of Grobb is located here, as is the ancient home of the Frogloks, the citadel known as Guk.

Lake Nerius is a lake west of Nektulos Forest and southwest of the Lavastorm mountains. It is supposedly inhabited by extremely dangerous piranhas, and was described in the Everquest D20 game manual, but hasn't appeared in the actual game yet.

Lake Rathetear is an enormous lake, almost an inland sea, located between the Rathe Mountains and The Feerott. It is the source of The Greenblood River which flows southeast through the Feerott and into the Gulf of Gunthak.

Lavastorm Mountains are the volcanically active mountains north of Neriak. Home to various species that are resistant to heat, Lavastorm also contains a remarkable amount of dungeons. Solusek's Eye, home of the fire goblins, and Nagafen's Lair, home to the powerful red dragon it is named after, are located within Lavastorm, as is Najena, a dungeon inhabited by a dark elf sorceress. The Temple of Solusek Ro is located here. It was in Lavastorm that adventurers finally burrowed their way into the dragon breeding grounds, opening tunnels full of hostile lavaspinners in the process.

Misty Thicket is the name of the wooded area north of Rivervale. The mists are generated by cold water evaporating off the surface of Winter's Deep to the north. The Halflings have a strong presence here, and they maintain a wall intended to keep adventurers safe by holding the more powerful creatures on the side away from Rivervale. The entrance to the Goblin city of Runnyeye is located at the western edge of the Misty Thicket.

Mountains of Rathe are a chain of mountains that stretch east-west, forming the southern boundary of the Plains of Karana. The Rathe Mountains hold some of the most dangerous creatures that can be found outside dungeons in all of Antonica, with cyclopses and hill giants roaming the mountains. When the Trolls reclaimed the city of Grobb from the Frogloks, the Frogloks made an encampment in the Rathe Mountains.

Nektulos Forest is the conifer forest above the Tier'Dal hometown, Neriak. Nektulos Forest has a malignant, evil presence. The northwest corner of Nektulos, where it borders on Lavastorm, is known by the dark elves as The Ultricle, and a wide variety of undead can be found there. After a devastating confrontation between lanys T'vil and Firionia Vie an entrance into the depths of darkhollow was discovered.

The Nest - A hidden area in the mountains near Everfrost, believed to have been a stronghold of dragons on Antonica.

The Northlands is the name given the open area between the Everfrost Peaks and the mountains at the far northwest corner of Antonica. The dungeon Permafrost, home of Lady Vox, is built into the side of the mountains.

Oasis of Marr is where the Lifefire River splits from The Serpent and flows through the Desert of Ro, splitting it in half. The Oasis is a thriving area, with tribes of fisherman making their home there, and nomadic traders passing through. It is also dangerous, inhabited by such creatures as the immortal sand giant, Cazel, as well as smaller sand giants and aggressive and powerful orcs and undead. Spectres and deepwater goblins can also be found in the oasis. At one point a voyage to the continent of Kunark for evil races started here.

The Plains of Karana are collectively the largest single land area to be found on Norrath. They are quadrasected by The Serpent into four sections - north, east, south and west. All the areas are fertile and heavily farmed, and are home to numerous animals, such as bears, wolves and wild cats, many of which are hostile to travellers.

West Karana is the hilly region east of Qeynos. Populated mainly by bears, it has a significant bandit population, as well as a mysterious shrine attended by Ogres, and a few cyclopses in the more remote hills. Werewolves also wander the area.

North Karana is the flattest area on Antonica, sparsely treed and populated by griffins and huge beetles. A Combine Portal to the moon of Luclin is located here, and for some time North Karana was a major destination point for travellers.

East Karana is the region in the shadows of the Serpent's Spine. A winding trail leads north through the mountains towards Highpass Hold. There is also a small village with guards and merchants located here.

South Karana is more like a savannah than a plain. It is the only place on Norrath that elephants can be found. There is a large aviak city here as well. In the center of the zone lies the dungeon Splitpaw. Originally home to the Splitpaw Gnolls, it was conquered by the far more powerful Torn Ear gnolls. After that it was taken over by extremely powerful elementals.

Rujarkian Hills are a series of hills in between the Desert of Ro and Innothule Swamp. The dungeons of the same name are located under the hills and reachable from the Desert of Ro. The Rujarkian Hills themselves have yet to be explored.

The Serpent is the great river that flows south from Halas. It quadrasects the Plains of Karana, is joined by the runoff from Winters Deep, and flows south, separating the Desert of Ro from the more fertile lands to the West, finally emptying into the Gulf of Gunthak. The Lifefire River is an offshoot of The Serpent.

Serpent's Spine is the name of a low mountain range that runs parallel to The Serpent. Not appearing in Everquest as its own zone, the Gorge of King Xorbb runs through the Serpent's Spine to connect to the Plains of Karana. The town of Highpass is located in the mountains, and the goblin town of Runnyeye is located under them.

Unkempt Woods is a dead forest north of Jaggedpine Forest. It is not part of any zone in Everquest. No other information about this zone is available.

Winters Deep is a lake southeast of Halas, where the runoff from the snow in the Everfrost area drains. Winters Deep is described as being icy cold and pristinely beautiful.

Dungeons in Antonica[]

Befallen is a dungeon full of undead, buried in the desert area in the far south of the West Commonlands. It has three levels, and is generally for weaker adventurers.

Blackburrow, home of the gnolls, connects Everfrost with The Plains of Karana. Another layered dungeon, the weaker gnolls play on the surface while the stronger ones and the leaders reside in the caves below.

Guk is the ancient home of the Frogloks.

Nagafen's Lair is the home of the mighty Lord Nagafen, a red dragon. The dungeon is filled with kobolds, and the fire giants that serve Nagafen himself.

Najena is a dungeon carved into the rocks of the Lavastorm Mountains by a dark elven sorceress. It is staffed with ogre guards, undead, and various enchanters, wizards and necromancers who serve Najena herself.

Permafrost is an ice giant castle frozen into the Everfrost Peaks. Ice goblins have tunneled into it, and ferocious animals also make their home there. The ruler of Permafrost is Lady Vox, the mighty white dragon.

Solusek's Eye is a maze of twisting tunnels under the Lavastorm Mountains, and is home to the fire goblins. It is a mid level dungeon, and connects with Nagafen's Lair.

Splitpaw is a dungeon buried in the southern Plains of Karana. Previously home to the Torn Ear Gnolls, it was taken over by extremely powerful elementals.

The Temple of Cazic Thule is located in the southern area of the Feerott. Attended by lizardmen loyal to Cazic Thule, it is one of the most dangerous dungeons in all of Norrath.


Faydwer is the continent that is home to the Wood Elves, High Elves, Dwarves and Gnomes. Much smaller than Antonica, it is temperate in climate, with many forests.

It is interesting to note that the official map of Faydwer does not conform to the zone connection series within the game. The below descriptions refer to the map.

On the map, there is a city north of Wayunder Lake that is not identified and does not correspond to any location within the game.

Cities in Faydwer[]

Ak-Anon is the home city of the gnomes, buried in the Steamfont Mountains. The gnomes use the steam to power many of their inventions.

Felwithe is the city of the high elves, located east of the Greater Faydark.

Kaladim is the city of the dwarves, buried in the Butcherblock Mountains

Kelethin is the city of the wood elves. Many half elves live here as well. Kelethin is literally in the trees of the Greater Faydark, out of reach of what would threaten it. It is accessible by wooden elevators. Many young adventurers have died falling off the platforms of Kelethin down to the forest floor hundreds of feet below.

Land Areas within Faydwer[]

Butcherblock Mountains are a set of warm, subtropical mountains in the northwest corner of Faydwer. The dwarves live under them and maintain a strong presence. There is a dock where ships set sail both to Freeport in Antonica, and Firiona Vie in Kunark. One of the most unusual features in Butcherblock is the chessboard in the east of the zone, which is populated by unusual undead. The zone is also populated by goblins and krags, and a Wayfarer's Brotherhood camp can be found here as well. Butcherblock is north of Dagnor's Cauldron and west of the Faydark.

Dagnor's Cauldron is a lake surrounded by rough rocky cliffs that gives more than a passing resemblance of having been formed in an explosion. The cliffs are populated by dangerous aqua goblins, and undead as well as a sea serpent can be found in the lake. At the bottom of the lake is Kedge Keep, the stronghold of the near-extinct aquatic race of Kedge.

Dragonscale Hill is a barren area on the southeast tip of Faydwer. Very little is known about it. It is due to be released with the Secrets of Faydwer expansion.

Elizerain Lake is a lake south of Greater Faydark and north of the Steamfont Mountains. If the map of Faydwer matched the zone connection within the game, this lake is located where Lesser Faydark would be. The Everquest D20 game manual described it as being polluted by the gnomes and the runoff from the Steamfont Mountains.

The Greater Faydark is a massive forest that borders Felwithe on the east and the orcish stronghold of Crushbone on the north. Kelethin is high in the branches of the forest itself. The forest floor is roamed by snakes, insects and orcs. Bandits have a few scattered camps, and orcs have a strong presence in the northern area of the zone.

Hills of Shade refers to a hilly area east of the Butcherblock Mountains and north of the Lesser Faydark. Little is known about this area. It is scheduled to be released with the Secrets of Faydwer expansion.

The Lesser Faydark is east of the Greater Faydark, separating it from the Butcherblock Mountains. Much more dangerous than its counterparts, it is home to hostile and powerful brownies, stronger orcs, and a wide assortment of undead. It borders on Mistmoore Castle.

The Loping Plains are a flat area encircled by Ranthok's Ridge, south of the Lesser Faydark and east of Dagnor's Cauldron. Although never appearing in Everquest Live, they were described in detail in the Everquest D20 game manual. The plains are populated by a gnollish clan inclined towards neutrality, with more of a coyote than wolfish appearance, that could run as fast as a horse. It was also populated by the evil burynai, which would make it the only place Burynai exist outside of Kunark.

This zone is scheduled to be released as part of the Secrets of Faydwer expansion, and the information above will likely be retconned. They also survived the Cataclysm, and are a playable zone in Everquest II.

The Ocean Of Tears, the body of water that separates Faydwer from Antonica, is generally considered part of Faydwer. A temperate ocean, many islands can be found in the Ocean of Tears. One is home to the Sisterhood of Erolossi. Others are home to pirates, aqua goblins and the undead, and one well off the main ship route is home tho the Alliezewsaur, a gargantuan lizard beast. Two sea monsters are rumored to live in the Ocean Of Tears - the Kraken, and the Megalodon.

Ranthok's Ridge is a horsehoe shaped ring of mountains separating the Loping Plains from the Lesser Faydark. The dwarves of Kelethin have built a great wall lined with fortresses along it to prevent the Gnolls of the Loping Plains from invading their land, and to protect the mining operations they have there. [1]

Steamfont Mountains are a long string of geothermically active mountains stretching northwest-southeast across the continent of Faydwer. Ak'Anon is located under them, where the gnomes use the geothermic activity to power their many inventions.

Wayunder Lake is a lake found in the middle of the Loping Plains. Little is known about it.

Dungeons within Faydwer[]

Castle Mistmore is a castle inhabited by the vampire Mayong Mistmoore, staffed by his dark elven servants, werewolves and undead. It is a very popular destination for adventurers looking to expand away from the safer areas near the cities.

The Estate of Unrest is a mansion south of Dagnor's Cauldron haunted by the undead. As legend has it, Garanel Ruksif, a dwarf under the influence of Innoruk, God of Hate, slaughtered the original inhabitants. The inhabitants were clerics of Quellious, goddess of Peace. Quellious was so enraged by this slaughter that she cursed the estate.

Kedge Keep is the last remaining stronghold of the Kedge, an aquatic race that worshipped Prexus, God of the Oceans. Although not evil, the creatures inside Kedge Keep are hostile to all who would enter. Kedge is ruled by Phinegal Atropos, the sole surviving Kedge. It is a high level dungeon, and made difficult to hunt by the fact that it is entirely underwater.


Odus is the continent where the Erudites live. Prior to their arrival, Odus was mostly barren.

Cities within Odus[]

Erudin is the home of the good Erudites. Travellers arrive here from boats that leave from South Qeynos.

Paineel is the home of the evil Erudites, also called the Heretics, who took up the pursuit of necromancy. It is built along the rim of The Hole.

Land Areas within Odus[]

The Barren Coast is a little explored area on the eastern edge of Odus. It was described by the Everquest D20 manual as being home to various pirates.

In the days before the Shadows of Luclin expansion, Sony was under pressure from the fans of Everquest to release the Barren Coast as a zone to make it easier for evil races to access Odus. Prior to SoL, they needed to ask a wizard for a port, and generally the asking price for a port was 15 platinum coins.

The Grand Plateau is an area northwest of Erudin, described as barren and a place where the Erudites experiment with magic.

Kerra Isle is a tropical island west of Erudin. The Kerra were the original inhabitants of Odus, but when the Erudites arrived they drove the Kerrans off. Kerrans, while generally non-hostile to other races, will attack erudites.

The Stonebrunt Mountains are a range of rugged mountains that go north-south down the middle of Odus. At the foot is an unusual temperate rainforest, as the mountains climb they become barren, and eventually snowy. High in the mountains is a village of Kejekans, a cat-people race closely related to the Kerra. The only way to access Stonebrunt is through The Warrens. The Stonebrunt Mountains hold an out-of-the-way port that is used to access Broken Skull Rock.

Toxxulia Forest is a forest southwest of Erudin. A Luclin Portal is located here, and was for a long time the only way for evil races to access the continent, since Paineel has no port and the Erudin guards would kill them on sight. Toxxulia is home mainly to snakes and vermin, but is also populated with kobolds that will attack on sight. Even during the day visibility in Toxxulia is poor, and in the night time it is almost impossible to navigate.

The Vasty Deep is an inland lake north of the Barren Coast and east of Erudin. It is described as being salty and extremely deep.

Dungeons within Odus[]

The Hole, also known as the Ruins of Old Paineel, is a series of caverns that lead to a ruined city. As legend has it, Paineel was destroyed during the civil war between the Erudites and the Heretics. It was subsequently invaded by creatures from The Underfoot.

The Warrens is a twisting cave that connects to the rim of The Hole and winds under the mountains into the Stonebrunt Mountains. It is the largest kobold dwelling in all of Norath, although the kobolds of Nagafen's Lair are far more powerful.


Cities within Kunark[]

Cabalis is the home of the Iksar.

Land Areas within Kunark[]

The Burning Wood is an ancient forest that has been set alite by the eruptions from the volcanic mountains of Skyfire. It is home to wurms and undead gorillas. The capital of the Sarnaks, the fortress known as Chardok, is located here.

Dragon's Drool is a lake in the southeast corner of Kunark. Despite the name, it is described as being very clean, but full of dangerous aquatic creatures.

Emerald Jungle is a huge jungle that runs along Kunark's western coast. Over the ages it has swallowed up many ruins and even an entire city, known to adventurers as the City of Mist.

Field of Bone is a dried-up reservoir north of Cabilis. The bones of many animals and monsters, including those of a gargantuan dragon, are found in the reservoir basin. Kurns Tower and the ruins of Kaesora can be found in this zone, as well as many smaller tombs. The Field of Bone borders the ocean on its northern border, and there are a few islands near.

Firiona Vie refers both to the High Elven outpost built on Kunark's southern shore, and the rough country surrounding it. The city has a well fortified harbor. Firiona Vie's climate seems to be temperate, but has much variation, as conifer forests, plains, and small patches of desert can all be found in the area. It borders the Swamp of No Hope on the North, the Dreadlands to the east, and the Lake of Ill Omen on the Northeast.

The Frontier Mountains are rough, temperate mountains that run northeast-southwest through the continent. The Mountain Giants have a fort near the middle of the area, and the Goblin strongholds, the Mines of Nurga and Temple of Droga, can be found underneath the mountains.

The Lake of Dismay is a lake at the northeastern tip of Kunark. It hasn't been explored yet.

The Lake of Ill Omen is a gigantic salt lake in the middle of Kunark. It is surrounded by rough plains that host sabertooth tigers, Sarnak, goblins, and various undead. The resort city of Veksar is sunken under the lake itself. It is said that Iksar necromancers bathe in the waters of the lake as a ritual.

The Overthere is the blasted plain on Kunark's northern border. It is mainly scrubland, with deep fissures running through it. The fissures are home to the Scorpiki, and the lands surrounding it swarm with Sarnaks and hostile wildlife. The dark elves have built a harbor on the north shore of The Overthere.

Skyfire Mountains are active volcanic mountains in western Kunark that swarm with dragonkin of all kinds. Veeshan's Peak, an extinct volcano that is the stronghold of the Ring of Scale, can be found in these mountains. The mountains get their name from the red glow the lava reflects into the sky at night.

Swamp of No Hope is a dank, massive swamp south of Cabilis. Young Iksar go there to train, and deep in the swamp a city of Frogloks can be found.

Timorous Deep is the ocean between Faydwer and Kunark. Many islands dot its waters. A primitive tribe of Ogres reside on one, another is glacial and home to yeti-like beasts. Yet another is covered with Raptors, and on one a chessboard nearly identical to the one in Butcherblock Mountains can be found. An old Combine teleporter can be found in this zone.

Trakanon's Teeth are a range of jungle-covered mountains running north-south through eastern Kunark. The ruins of Sebilis can be found within this area.

Warsilik's Woods is a rough conifer forest on Kunark's north shore. The trees grow so heavily that vision is poor. Goblins and forest giants wage war on each other, and the Crypt of Dalnir, home to the Kly, is here also.

Dungeons within Kunark[]

Charasis, the Howling Stones is a fortress built in the Overthere by the Iksar after the Shissar were driven out of Kunark. It is the birthplace of Venril Sathir, and is the final resting place of his consort Drusella.

Chardok is a massive fortress belonging to the Sarnak. It is located in the north of the Burning Woods.

The City of Mist is a city that was overtaken by a spiritual sickness and swallowed by the Emerald Jungle. It is currently home to the undead and the golems made by the city's original inhabitants.

The Crypt of Dalnir is the home of the Kly, a sub breed of the Sarnak who practice alchemy and mind control. It is full of Kly and their thralls.

Kaesora is a mysterious dungeon under the Field of Bone.

Karnor's Castle is a castle built in the middle of the Dreadlands. It is the final resting place of the Iksar emperor and necromancer Venril Sathir.

Kurns Tower is a tower built above the field of bone by the Iksar emperor Rile Sathir in ancient times. Originally where the Sarnaks were bred, the tower is now abandoned to the undead and burynai.

Mines of Nurga is a mine under the Frontier Mountains populated by numerous goblins.

Old Sebilis is the ruins of the city built by the Iksar Empire at the height of its power. Currently in ruins, it is ruled by the dragon Trakanon.

The Temple of Droga is built beneath the Mines of Nurga. It is the base of power of the Kunark Goblins, and very difficult to leave once entered.

Veeshan's Peak is the home of the Ring of Scale, inside an extinct volcano in the Skyfire Mountains. Filled with drakes, wyverns and other dragonkin, and home to many powerful dragons, it is very difficult to access.

Veksar is a former resort city belonging to the King of the Iksar that sank beneath the waters of the Lake of Ill Omen.


The game expansion added a number of zones with winter and ice themes to the game. Outdoor zones include: Eastern Wastes, Cobalt Scar, The Great Divide, Grete Spaign, Iceclad Ocean, The Icy Fingers, Scars of Veeshan, and Western Wastes.

Cities/Ruins within Velious[]

Kael Drakkal is the home of the Frost Giants.

Skyshrine is the home of the drakes.

Thurgadin is the home of the Coldain dwarves.

Dungeons within Velious[]

Crystal Caverns, Sleepers Tomb, Temple of Veeshan, and Tower of the Frozen Shadow


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