Noel Vermillion
Noel Vermillion
Official BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger artwork for Noel Vermillion.
First game BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
Created by Toshimichi Mori/Yuuki Katou
Voiced by Kanako Kondou (JP),

Cristina Valenzuela (ENG)

A character in the first game installment of "BlazBlue". Noel works in the "Library" as the partner of Jin Kisaragi. She was granted this position after the "Library" acknowledged her combat skills. When she was very young she met Jin and went through the "Praetorian Guard" training. Not to long after this she becomes a lieutenant of the Guard. Noel is one-track minded and is nervous when it comes to talking to people. This makes it hard for Noel to get along with others. Usually just waiting in her room; doing things like cooking and writing poems to ease her mind until called by the "Library's" post. She bases her life on none other than combat; which she assumes she's better at than anything else. Noel was called by the "Library" to seize Jin Kisaragi, who left his command post for an unknown reason. He was said to have been seen in the high quarters of the city of Kagutsuchi. Although Noel accepts this mission, she hates the fact of even being near him as she feels uneasy around him. Noel is a member of the honored family of the Vermillion. She has natural blond hair, green eyes, wears a blue cap, wears cloths similar to that of Jin, and wields two unusually long pistols.

Story Mode[]

(this section may be upgraded as necessary when the JP version of the game is translated or the NA release is thoroughly explained.)


"Chain Revolver[]

Gives Noel the different sets of chain-linking combos in the game. Increases her speed and power by little. When in use Noel is lit with glowing aura around her body. Sadly you can't chain your own combos and it must in several ways. Thus Noels acrobatic like movements make this skill hard to come by.


  • Seems to like anything that seems cute.
  • Is said to be one of the "V" series along with V#13 as told in her arcade ending.
  • Seems to want friends but can't relate to many people.