Template:Vg-in-universe Nirn is the fictional planet on which The Elder Scrolls games are set. Its name means "Arena" in the Elven language. Nirn is not to be confused with Mundus (the "Mortal Plane"), and is located in Aurbis, between the Aetherius (the "Immortal Plane"), and Oblivion. Nirn is named "Mortal Plane" because the species which inhabit it die. The planet is orbited by the two moons Masser and Secunda, the Eight God planets and its sun, called Magnus. The continents of Nirn include Akavir, Aldmeris, Atmora, Pyandonea, Tamriel, and Yokuda.


Within the games' lore, the history of Nirn is a very controversial matter. Much study is dedicated to discovering the planet's origins.

Each of the games' cultures has its own tale of creation but no definitive story has been given.


These plants are a product of Nirn that originates from the heart of Nirn. Over time, these plants have become increasingly rare and valuable.

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