Nicolette DuClare
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Nicolette DuClare as she appears in the original Deus Ex
Game series Deus Ex
First game Deus Ex (2000)
Created by Warren Spector, Harvey Smith
Voiced by Ellen Loci

Nicolette DuClare is a fictional character in the computer game Deus Ex and its sequel Deus Ex: Invisible War. Although a relatively minor character in the original game, Nicolette later becomes a major character in Invisible War. She is voiced by Ellen Loci in both games.

In Deus Ex[]

Nicolette DuClare is the daughter of Elizabeth DuClare, a former leading member of the defunct Illuminati. In Deus Ex, after her mother is assassinated by Majestic 12, Nicolette assumes control of Beth's activities and assets. With her mother's considerable amassed fortune and Illuminati contacts, she collaborates with alleged terrorist group, Silhouette, by providing financial support and strategic intelligence to help the largely propaganda-based group avoid open conflict with Majestic 12's elite military forces. Nicolette appears apathetic and uninterested in the clandestine war being fought across the globe by Majestic 12 and its myriad of international opposing forces. Her continued assistance is almost certainly due to her relationship with Silhouette leader, Chad Dumier, and fierce hatred towards Majestic 12 for usurping power from and subsequently murdering her mother. Also, during JC's visit to the chateau when JC tells the truth about her mother, she says that she understands how she got into Sorbonne.

When JC Denton arrives in Paris, France in an attempt to contact former Illuminati leader, Morgan Everett, he must enlist the assistance of Silhouette and Nicolette DuClare to do so. After rescuing the besieged Silhouette forces that have been discovered by Majestic 12's commando units in the city's labyrinth of underground catacombs networks and bunkers, JC is informed by Chad of Nicolette's whereabouts. After JC's subsequent contact with Nicolette, he is lead to Beth DuClare's chateau, where he successfully establishes contact with Morgan Everett. After this event occurs, Nicolette and JC part company.

In Invisible War[]

Although she originally rejected her mother's Illuminati philosophies, Nicolette was affected deeply by the events of the Great Collapse, and would use her mother's Illuminati connections to join and eventually gain control of the organization. Her goal was to reshape the world in the wake of the chaos caused by the Collapse. In public, Nicolette poses as "Her Holiness", the leader and figurehead of The Order. Nicolette and Chad have been unable to conceive children and so are unable to continue their family bloodline for The Illuminati, an aristocratic society which has traditionally passed down power along family lines.

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