Nick Harrison
First appearance Episode #1
Last appearance Episode #?
Portrayed by Karl Burnett
Gender Male
Family Jenny Harrison (mother)
Barry (father)
Spouse Rachel McKenna (ex-wife)
Waverley Wilson (wife)
Children Lucas Harrison
Tina-Anne Harrison (daughter)
Relatives Jonathan McKenna (ex brother-in-law)
Michael McKenna (ex father-in-law - deceased)
Alex McKenna (ex mother-in-law - deceased)
Stratford Wilson (brother-in-law)

Nick Harrison was a fictional character in the New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street.

He was portrayed by Karl Burnett. He was a mainstay on the series from 1992 until 2005.

Fictional character biography[]

Ferndale High School years[]

The only son of solo mother, Jenny Harrison, Nick was a rebellious surly teenager who attended Ferndale High School. He was the total opposite of his mothers friend teenage son, Stuart Neilson, who was a golden boy. Little is known about his childhood apart from that Jenny had left his father, Barry because he was physically violent towards her, which she kept secret from Nick. Barry returned to town in 1992 and reconciled with Jenny much to Nick's delight. However, Barry reverted to old habits and Jenny decided to kick him out and told Nick that the real reason why she and Barry had divorced. Withdrawing and rebelling more, Nick sort solice with a punk girl Serena Hughes which caused tension between him and his mother. However, the relationship with Serena is short lived when Rachel McKenna, the daughter of his mother boss, Michael, arrives. Nick develops a serious crush on Rachel and Serena became so jealous that she breaks up with Nick. In his final year at high school, Nick is elected as a prefect. This brought him into contact with Charlotte Olsen, head girl of Ferndale High. Charlotte was a liar and manipulated and as such had the entire school wrapped around her finger and as expected, she and Rachel McKenna did not get along.

Nick eventually turned on Charlotte, so she had him demoted from a his prefect position. Charlotte, realising that Minnie had a crush on Nick, decided to play a trick and locked Nick and Minnie in the school overnight. When Ellen and Johnny found the two the next morning, Johnny blamed Nick, though Nick and Minnie managed to convince him that they had been the victims of a trick. Rachel tired of Charlotte's scheming decided to get her own back by pursuing Ferndale High's headboy Tim Cunningham, whom Charlotte had a crush on.



  • Serena Hughes - His first known relationship was with a punk girl, Serena Hughes. This relationship caused friction between Nick and his mother, however the relationship ended when Rachel McKenna arrived and Nick gains a crush on her.
  • Rachel McKenna - When Rachel first arrive Nick has a crush on her but she just sees him as a friend and is more interested in his friend, Stuart Neilson. Later, when they both attend university, they are briefly married to Rachel McKenna as a marriage of convenience in order to benefit from student income while at university.
  • Charlotte Olsen
  • Minnie Crozier - Minnie has a huge crush on Nick.
  • Ramona Darby
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