Nexus War was a browser-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game that started in May 2006, as of October 2009 there were an estimated 3050 active characters along with 275 individual factions[1], a comprehensive wiki and helpful forums

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The universe - all that we know, all that exists - is dying. It is time for a new universe to be born.In a place far removed from our own mortality, spirits and souls do battle to determine whose ethos will midwife the birth of the new one.This place is known by many names - Valhalla, Purgatory, - but those there refer to it as The Nexus. Nexus War is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game wherein players engage in factional warfare. Each character is a soul plucked from time and set down to serve as a soldier in the Nexus War. At stake is the dominant ethos in the next universe. Will existence be dominated by Law, Chaos, or the idea of free will? The answer is determined by the players. As characters in the game progress, every action they perform is weighed against the grand scale of Law and Chaos and they will find that they lean towards one side or the other. Eventually, they will be forced to make a choice as to which side they support and fight for it.

On September 7, 2009, the game's developer announced that it had become financially unfeasible for him to continue running the game, and he would have to shut it down by the end of the month. The last full day of the game was October 11th, 2009.[2]


Gameplay consisted of a choice of independent or factional warfare, set across seven maps (or planes) against other players. Four game controlled 'wandering monsters' and 'pets' summoned by the player are also part of the game. Players choose between Angelic, Demonic or Neutral alignment based on their actions toward others, this alignment would restrict which classes and toward later levels, which cults were available to the player. There were a total 21 separate classes and 9 separate cults open to the player (One of which being the starting 'mortal' class). Each class had its own specific skills and spells and its own advantages and disadvantages. Some classes focused on pure combat, while others would focus on spellcasting, summoning pets or 'support activities' such as the enchanting and repair of items.


The game was conceived, created, coded and later hosted single handedly by one man; Brandon Harris, who posts on the IRC channel and forums under the moniker 'jorm'. The game was originally funded out of his own pocket, along with a few donations from the community. It has been confirmed that Jorm is now working for the games corporation Electronic Arts, as a result of this he is unable to actively develop the game due to being under contract.[3]


The creator of Nexus War stated that it was directly influenced by another popular browser based multiplayer game named Urban Dead.[4]


Nexus War has received very little publicity in the three and a half years it has been active, however it was mentioned in the escapist magazine as a "Noteworthy imitator of Urban dead" [5] and has a profile on a browser game review site.[6]


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