Dungeons & Dragons creature
Alignment Chaotic (any)
Type Outsider
Source books Planar Handbook
First appearance
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A Neraph is a fantasy race of humanoid outsiders originating in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. They are originally introduced in the Planar Handbook, where they are a playable race living in Limbo.

Neraphim physiology is relatively humanoid, but they differ much from humans in appearance. Their heads are froglike, making them much like slaadi in appearance. They have red hides with chitinlike encrustations that work as a natural armor. Their hands are four-fingered and clawed, but otherwise like human's. They have darkvision extending to over fifty feet. They age slowly, reaching adulthood at forty years of age and being capable of living past four hundred[original research?].

Neraphim are generally of Chaotic alignment. However, they generally try to control the chaotic natures their homeplane forces upon them, usually successfully. Most neraphim who become player characters have been exiled from their tribes for some crime. They usually become rangers.

Neraphim live as nomadic hunters in Limbo. Their favored game is the chaos beast, which can provide a tribe with food for a week and raw materials for clothing. They organise themselves in houses, led by a matriarch[citation needed].


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