NationStates 2
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Government simulation game
Registration Yes
Owner OMAC Industries
Created by Max Barry
Launched Aug and Nov 2008
Revenue Premium feature subscription and partially from advertising
Current status Closed

NationStates 2 was a multiplayer nation simulation browser game and sequel to Jennifer Government: NationStates. It was created by OMAC Industries (part of Jolt Online Gaming) in late 2008, based largely on the creative work of Max Barry from the original, with some unique concept developments, including graphic (art) work by Karl Tiedemann.

On August 18th, 2008, a closed beta was announced, with 500 beta keys being given to random players from NS1. On November 3rd, 2008, an open beta was released to the public. The game closed in July 2009.


The game expanded considerably on the previous version, with a viewable trading system between nations and the ability to join multiple alliances, groups of nations meeting together, both features restricted to between nations of the same world. Features including 'telegrams' and game forum from the original game are also sustained. War, a much awaited feature, has yet to be fully rolled out to all war-enabled (nations may choose war-disabled worlds) worlds, on the three worlds it was operational it had, as suggested by teasers from the development team, a considerable destructive impact upon Population.

The game has had gradually improved performance in the months since the beta was launched, however busy responses were frequently triggered by such transfer intensive operations as logging in, seeking lengthy lists of telegrams/invites sent and #, when the daily complex calculations involving trade are computed.


NationStates 2 was taken offline in July 2009. Jolt announced they were taking the game down only to retool it, and would bring it back at some indefinite time in the future. Jolt has since wiped all data and redirected the domain to another of their games, and Max Barry has assumed control over the domain name.