Nash Holos (Ukrainian: Наш Голос; Our Voice) is British Columbia's longest-running Ukrainian radio program, based in Vancouver. It broadcasts in both English and Ukrainian.

Nash Holos provides items of interest to the Ukrainian community in the Vancouver area, and features both contemporary and traditional Ukrainian music by artists from Ukraine, Canada, the United States and other countries. The show has cooking, travel and spiritual message segments. It is hosted by Paulette "Pawlina" Demchuk MacQuarrie. Audio archives and a podcast xml feed are available at the program's website.

Nash Holos received the Roger Charest, Sr. Award for Broadcast & Media Arts for 2007.

The show has a sister program Четверта Хвиля (Chetverta Khvilya), which is hosted exclusively in Ukrainian and aimed toward immigrant (4th wave) audiences and fluent Ukrainian speakers.

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