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The Triforce is the main quest object in Nintendo's Legend of Zelda game series. The Hylian crest depicts the triangular relic and appears frequently throughout the games.

Naroin is a work of fan fiction based on Nintendo's video game series, The Legend of Zelda. It tells the story of a young woman, the author character, who receives direct knowledge of the Hylian faith, Naroin, from the Trigoddess (Nayru Farore Din). Through them, she finds the courage in herself, to end an unhappy relationship with the male god imposed by society, and takes refuge in the loving care of the mighty goddesses.

The author incorporates elements from both Neopagan and Abrahamic religions to portray the "faith" of the game's elf-like inhabitants. Nintendo of America was cautious to avoid even the most tenuous of religious themes.[1] Although not explicitly revealed as part of Naroin by the goddess trinity, the author surmises Atlantis was called Hylia in ancient times, and thereby resolves the fan's question regarding AR/AT/AH.[2]