The naming of Qantas aircraft has followed various themes. since 1926.[1]

  • 1926 Qantas's first DH-50 was named Iris by Lady Stonehaven, wife of the then Governor General.
  • 1926 deHavilland DH-50 — Iris, Hippomenes
  • 1929 deHavilland DH-61 — Greek Gods - Apollo, Diana, Hermes and Athena
  • 1938 Short Empire C Class Flying boatCarpentaria, Coorong, Cooee, Clifton, Coolangatta, Coogee, Corio, Camilla, Coriolanus, and Calypso.
  • 1943 PBY Catalinas — Stars - Rigel Star, Spica Star, Altair Star, Vega Star, Antares Star.[2]
  • 1947 Lockheed Constellation - Aviation Personalities — Ross Smith, Lawrence Hargrave, Harry Hawker, Charles Kingsford Smith, Bert Hinkler and Horace Brinsmead.[3]
  • 1949 Douglas DC-4 - Trader Theme — Pacific Trader, Norfolk Trader, New Guinea Trader, Hong Kong Trader, Malayan Trader, Australian Trader, Philippine Trader.[4]
  • 1954 Super Constellation - Southern Theme — Southern Aurora, Southern Boomerang, Southern Breeze, Southern Constellation, Southern Dawn, Southern Horizon, Southern Melody, Southern Mist, Southern Moon, Southern Prodigal, Southern Sea, Southern Sky, Southern Spray, Southern Star, Southern Sun, Southern Tide, Southern Wave, Southern Wind and Southern Zephyr[5]
  • 1959 Lockheed Electra - Pacific Theme — Pacific Electra, Pacific Explorer, Pacific Endeavour and Pacific Enterprise[6]
  • 1959 Boeing 707 - Australian Cities — City of Canberra, City of Sydney, City of Melbourne and so on.

City names continued on all Qantas ordered and delivered aircraft types right through to the present day. Qantas obtained a domestic route network when Australian Airlines (formerly Trans Australia Airlines) was merged into Qantas in 1992. They used a different naming convention.

  • 1981 Airbus A300 - People — James Cook, John Oxley, John Forrest, and William Light
  • 1986 Boeing 737 - Inspirational Names — Daring, Integrity, Resolute and so on.
  • 1986 Boeing 737 — Birds - Bellbird, Lorikeet, Kestrel, Kookaburra, Eagle, Falcon, Heron, Ibis, Egret, Cockatiel, Kingfisher, Currawong etc

The remaining aircraft from the Australian Airlines fleet have been renamed using the usual Australian cities Qantas convention.


Wunala Dreaming at Sydney Airport

  • 1989 Boeing 747-400 - in addition to their usual city names, all of these aircraft carry the word "Longreach" as part of the livery. This is actually a double meaning - it signifies both the "long reach" of the aircraft (ie - they have a long range), and the city where Qantas began - Longreach, Queensland.
  • 2000 - Aboriginal Art - three aircraft have been painted into striking Aboriginal liveries. Wunala Dreaming (Boeing 747-438ER Template:Airreg and Template:Airreg), Nalanji Dreaming (Boeing 747-338 Template:Airreg), and Yananyi Dreaming (Boeing 737-838 Template:Airreg).
  • 2008 - Airbus A380 - Australian Aviation Pioneers — Nancy Bird-Walton.


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