Mystery White Boy is a planned biographical film on the American singer Jeff Buckley. Producers are Michelle Sy and Mary Guibert, Jeff Buckley's mother. The film shares its title with the Jeff Buckley live album Mystery White Boy, released in 2000.[1]


Mystery White Boy Productions is the company formed by Mary Guibert, the mother of singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley, for the purpose of producing a feature length biopic based on Jeff's life and musical career. Michelle Sy (Finding Neverland) and Orian Williams (Control) have signed on as producers. Screenwriter, Ryan Jaffe, is putting finishing touches on a script he wrote at their request, which is as yet untitled. The producers are currently in search of a director to helm the project. In spite of tantalizing speculation in the press and on the Internet, no roles have been cast, and no one has yet been approached to portray Buckley, who died in 1997 in a drowning accident, in Memphis TN.