The Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay is a Rhesus Macaque (rhesus monkey) that has been on the loose and evading capture for approximately one year (as of March 2010) in St. Petersburg, Florida.[1] The monkey is thought to be a male that weighs 30 pounds.[2]

Authorities are not certain where the monkey came from. One possibility is that it could have been separated from a troupe of wild monkeys in Silver River State Park,[3] approximately 103 miles north of St. Petersburg.[4] Another possibility is that it could have escaped from an owner who does not have a permit and thus is not registered with authorities.[1]

A Facebook page for the monkey has been set up, which has more than 60,000 fans (as of March 31, 2010).[1] The monkey is shy and not considered a threat to humans.[5] Its continued success at avoiding capture has been compared to the TV series The Fugitive.[6] The monkey looks both ways to check for traffic before crossing the street.[1]


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