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This article is about the fictional fantasy race. For the king, see Mul of Kent. For the Indian car maker, see Maruti Udyog

Muls are the mixed-breed offspring of humans and dwarves in the fictional setting of Dark Sun in the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. The term mul is derived from "mule" which are sterile hybrids, and as such the word is meant to be pronounced in the same manner (rhyming with "rule" rather than "dull").

Women who give birth to muls tend to be human and die in childbirth. Muls are bred for gladiatorial combat and slave labor. Athasian muls are hairless, about 6 feet tall, retain the agility of their human parent while manifesting the strength and industrious mindset of their dwarven parent.

The stamina of a mul is legendary; muls can literally work or march for days nonstop.

The term "mul" has been unofficially adopted into other campaign settings for rare human-dwarf crossbreeds.

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