Ms. Demeanor

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Real name Stephanie Demeanor
Background Bodybuilder
CROOKS Position Henchman.
Trademark Features Red dress, grey boots, blond hair, ugly face, and a very muscular body which she uses as a deadly weapon.
Extra Specialty Incredibly strong, built very much like an Amazon warrior. Capable of carrying very heavy loads, punching through walls, and bending steel.
Significant Episode Appearances The Case of The Missing Memory, The Case of The Bogus Justice Machine, The Case of The Blur Bandits, The Case of Iceberg Pirates, The Case of The Sinister Spa, The Case of Big Boss' Bye Bye, The Case of The Big Boss' Master Plan, The Case of The Super Shakedown, The Case of the Crook with a Conscience, The Case of The Half-Pint Hero.
Voiced by Paulina Gillis

Ms. Demeanor is a cartoon character in the C.O.P.S. (Central Organization of Police Specialists) series from Hasbro which ran from 1988-1989. Her name is a pun on the legal term misdemeanor, which is used by most legal systems to classify a "lesser" criminal act.

Character Profile[]

Ms. Demeanor ("Miss Demon" in Brazilian version) debunks the phrase "Women are the weaker sex" when she shows to everyone how strong and powerful she really is by bending bars, lifting heavy objects, and punching through walls. Even Big Boss feels uneasy when she's around and doesn't trust her at all. Yet, she is able to serve Big Boss well in helping him plan another crimewave. She's all muscle, which bulges out of her body from top to bottom. She's just as powerful as any Amazon warrior. She is seen wearing a red dress, a belt around her waist, grey boots, and solid gray triangular earrings. She has blond hair, eye makeup, red lips.

Ms. Demeanor is seen in both the comics and the cartoon. She was never part of the toy series.

In the comics, Ms. Demeanor is seen as a different criminal in traits and appearance with red hair and a red dress with torn edges. She has two Jamaican henchmen named Hench and Mann by her side, who show up to help her overthrow Big Boss and become the next crime lord of Empire City on a few occasions.

"Ms. Demeanor" also refers to a fictional villain in the complex Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? story and song structure.

Character Highlights[]

The Case of the Bogue Justice Machine[]

Ms. Demeanor is seen for the second time in this episode, where she and Berserko have pulled another bank robbery and are trying to get away from C.O.P.S. officer Highway who is pursuing her, but because her stolen gold bars was too heavy to carry in her Crooks Air Speeder, Ms. Demeanor was easy to catch. Just as Highway was reciting her the Miranda Rights, however, one of the Instant Justice Machines comes along and orders Highway to release her on a technicality. Ms Demeanor then paid a visit to Vargas at Vetrocon and gave him a fist full of cash as a bribe to help them more in the corruption of justice and to overthrow the C.O.P.S with the Instant Justice Machines. Her first actual appearance was in the Episode The Case of Berserko's Big Surprise. She appeared briefly during a surprise birthday party thrown for the Big Boss.

The Case of The Crook With a Conscience[]

In this episode, Ms. Demeanor was ordered by Judge Davis, Mayor Davis' twin brother, to wear a band on her head that tells her whether her actions are either right or wrong. He then orders Sundown and Mainframe to keep an eye on her. Unfortunately, that never worked out. Ms. Demeanor is overdoing it with the band and causing more trouble than she does without it. Judge Davis has the band removed when Ms.Demeaner chides him for parking his car illegally and for littering when the Judge was eating a candy bar and its wrapper was blown away by the wind.

The Case of The Half-Pint Hero[]

Ms. Demeanor along with Turbo Tu-Tone went to ransasked the apartment house where Cindy Johnson (A.K.A. Captain Crimefighter) and her mother is staying at in an effort to find the missing loot that was robbed from a bank. The C.O.P.S., alerted to the scene, arrived and sneaked into the apartment. No one is there. Evidently, the 2 crooks who ransacked the apartment took off to escape just before the C.O.P.S. arrived at the apartment building. Unfortunately, Cindy's mother is also not there as well. Cindy began to cry, assuming that the crooks have kidnapped her mother and did something terrible to her. But then, Cindy's mother arrived with a sack of groceries in her arms. Cindy is glad to see her mother, who is disturbed by what happened. Nevertheless, she is glad to see that Cindy is all right. As Bulletproof explain to her exactly what had happened, Ms. Demeanor and Turbo, who were spying on them, started making plans to kidnap Cindy and use her to find out where Rock Krusher, who partake in the robbery only to get caught and arrested, hid the stolen loot at. As the C.O.P.S. leave, Bulletproof gave Cindy a special homing device that would come in handy later on if she encounters the crooks once again.

As the C.O.P.S. leave Hardtop asks Bulletproof if he can stay around Cindy's apartment to provide additional security to the area. Bulletproof granted his request and drove off back to the precinct while Hardtop stayed to keep an eye on the surrounding area. He wasn't there for long. Turbo was there and lured Hardtop away from the area, giving Ms. Demeanor a chance to sneak in and try to kidnapped Cindy. Ms. Demeanor climbed up the fire escape to Cindy's apartment and waited until her mother leaves the room before she came in and kidnap Cindy. As she took Cindy away, Cindy took her Captain Crimefighter helmet with the tracking device inside with her and lead Ms. Demeanor to where she saw Rock Krusher hid the loot at. As Ms Demeanor took the loot from the box, Cindy turned on her homing device. The C.O.P.S. instantly respond, racing all the way to the construction site to arrest Ms Demeanor and rescue Cindy along the way. Cindy however was able to escape as Ms. Demeanor pushed the elevator button to go up and Cindy stepped down just as the elevator began to go up with Ms. Demeanor inside. Ms. Demeanor tried to escape the C.O.P.S. at the top of the construction site, but she was caught by Sundown, who used a crane to catch her and suspend her in midair right in front of Bulletproof. Ms. Demeanor gave up from there. Then, as Ms. Demeanor is being hauled up into the paddywagon to be taken away, Cindy gave a reprimanded speech to Ms. Demeanor, telling her straight that stealing is wrong. Ms Demeanor is then hauled away. Bulletproof tells her what a great speech she had made, which prompted Cindy's mother to reconsider her opinion on what Cindy dreams about and agrees to let her become a crimefighter after all when she grows up - much to Cindy's joy and delight.