Moltar is an animated fictional character from the 1966 Hanna-Barbera animated series Space Ghost and Dino Boy who appears as one of Space Ghost's arch enemies. He is a "lava man" wearing a containment suit with metal plating. His name was coined by the chief animator for Hanna-Barbera, and is actually the surname of a family who were the animator's neighbors, and whose precocious four year old daughter was a constant fixture in his home. He is from the planet Moltor, and is known as "the lord of the mighty ovens that can incinerate any and all foes." He makes a total of six appearances on the series. He later appears on Space Ghost Coast to Coast, an animated talk show on Cartoon Network where he is voiced by C. Martin Croker, who also voices the character Zorak. Most of the information in this article concerns the Space Ghost Coast to Coast version of the character.

After his capture by Space Ghost and subsequent employment in Space Ghost Coast to Coast, he is given the job of director and producer. He apparently carries out his duties through the use of a joystick, which seemingly controls all aspects of the show. He and Zorak frequently make fun of Space Ghost for his ineptitude, and likewise are frequently blasted by Space Ghost's powerbands.

He is happily married to a woman named Linda. His father was a professional wrestler who regularly fought against Leonard Ghostal, the grandfather of Space Ghost. He has attempted (sometimes successfully) to escape Ghost Planet on several occasions. [1]

Moltar is a big fan of CHiPs and Erik Estrada. When Erik finally appears on the show, Moltar makes up a list of questions for Space Ghost to ask him. Moltar similarly creates questions for William Shatner in his time on the show.

Moltar has a contentious relationship with both Space Ghost and Zorak. He gets upset on how he is not introduced at the beginning of the episodes by Space Ghost and how his action figure is being sold for half price at the local comic book store in comparison to Zorak. In the episode "Chinatown," Space Ghost "trades" Moltar to a Japanese baseball team for a producing dog named Rags, former Major League Baseball players Mookie Wilson, Omar Moreno, and a bag of cats. Also in the episode "Baffler Meal," he is angry about how he is not featured on the Space Ghost collectors cups while Space Ghost, Zorak, Brak, and NASCAR driver Rusty Wallace are.

Moltar was the host of Toonami in its early days as a CGI character, introducing programming from his control room at "Ghost Planet Industries" (the fictional location where Space Ghost Coast to Coast was shot in Atlanta, Georgia). He was eventually superseded as the host of Toonami by TOM, and his broadcasting spaceship, the Absolution.

Moltar made a guest appearence on The Brak Show episode "Runaway". Since they say the episode takes place before Space Ghost Coast to Coast Zorak didn't know who Moltar was. Space Ghost meantions that he fired Moltar.

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