Molly Meade
First appearance "Tornado Girl"
Last appearance "Level (7) with Me" (after death)
Created by Silvio Horta
Portrayed by Sarah Lafleur
Gender Female
Occupation Schoolteacher
Spouses Daniel (widower), Connor Owens (ex-fiancé)

Molly Meade (Sarah Lafleur ) was a character during season 3 of Ugly Betty. Initially introduced as a minor character, Molly quickly became the love interest, and briefly wife, of Daniel Meade. However, their relationship was complicated when she confessed she had terminal cancer. She died of complications of the cancer during the season 3 finale.


Molly was a schoolteacher in a private elementary school in Manahattan and the fiancée of Connor Owens when she first met Daniel. Having recently lost his nephew to the boy's maternal grandparents, Daniel was taken aback by Molly's maternal instinct and quickly fell in love with her. However, she was still with Connor, and when Daniel nearly kissed her, she was overcome by emotion and quickly broke up with Connor. She was unwittingly part of a plot concocted by Wilhelmina Slater to push her together with Daniel so she could be with Connor, on whom she had a crush. Even after Connor betrayed the company and left Wilhelmina, Molly stayed with Daniel.

The two were a happy loving couple until Molly confessed to Daniel she had cancer that had become too far advanced to do anything to save her. Daniel didn't care, and they continued their relationship, which eventually turned into marriage. Daniel's unyielding loyalty and devotion to Molly even as her health deteriorated showed that Daniel had come a long way from his 'playboy' habits from years ago. Molly, however, grew increasingly worried about what would happen to Daniel after her death despite his insistence that everything will turn out right.


Molly, being a schoolteacher, was very soft-spoken and maternal. Despite not being the 'sexy standard' by which Daniel had followed before, Daniel fell in love with her because of her maternal instincts and talents with children. She was also seen to be slightly insecure, as she was well aware of Daniel's past flings with supermodels and actresses and felt she, a mousy school teacher, could never compete but Daniel always assured her that she was the only one he loved.


Prior to the season 3 finale, she had collapsed on their wedding night and begun to have fevers that would come and go, a sign that she did not have much longer to live. In the finale Daniel decided to stay home from accepting an award on behalf of MODE because Molly had one of said fevers, but Molly insisted she'd be there "in time for his category". Daniel wins the award, and as he goes to make the speech, Molly appears in the crowd behind Betty. He is inspired to give a moving speech, but when he looks again, and Molly has disappeared. Betty says she was never there, and Daniel realizes that Molly has died during his speech, and indeed, he comes home to his apartment just in time to see her being carried out in a body bag by EMTs.The season ends with Daniel in tears over Molly's death, as he never got a chance to say goodbye.

After Death[]

Following Molly's death, she remained regularly mentioned in the early part of Season 4. Worried about Daniel's lack of emotion, Betty signed him up for a grief counciling program where Daniel met Natalie, also recently bereived. The pair were quickly recruited into "the brothership of the Phoenix," a cult, that claimed to allow the living to have communication and contact with the dead. Molly briefly appeared to Daniel who was unaware that he had been drugged, but in reality, he was speaking to Betty. Betty realised Daniel thought he was Molly, and told him to let go, and that he now had the chance to say goodbye. Daniel came to his senses, and this was the last appearance of Molly in the series.

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