Mister Negative
Mister Negative
Mr. Negative.
Art by Steve McNiven.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Amazing Spider-Man #546 (Jan 2008)
Created by Dan Slott
Steve McNiven
Phil Jimenez
In-story information
Alter ego Martin Li
Abilities Super-strength, ability to swap between a monochromatic and regular appearance.

Mister Negative (Martin Li) is a fictional Marvel Comics supervillian created by Dan Slott, Steve McNiven, and Phil Jimenez. He is an archenemy of Spider-Man. Mister Negative was introduced in a cameo in Amazing Spider-Man: Swing Shift (May 2007); a Free Comic Book Day issue set after the events of Spider-Man: One More Day. Mister Negative's first full appearance came in Amazing Spider-Man #546 (Jan 2008); the start of the Brand New Day storyline.

Fictional character biography[]

Martin Li is a seemingly good willed philanthropist who runs a soup kitchen in Chinatown, the F.E.A.S.T. Project (Food, Emergency Aid, Shelter and Training), where (Spider-Man) Peter Parker's Aunt May volunteers.[1] Neither Peter nor May are aware of Li's dual identity as a Chinatown crime boss under the name Mister Negative.[2]

During the first story of the Brand New Day, Mister Negative first comes into conflict with Spider-Man when he makes a power play toward taking control of New York's criminal underworld by attempting to wipe out all existing members of a Karnelli and Maggia crime families using a DNA specific bioweapon called the "Devil's Breath".[3]

Powers and abilities[]

As Mister Negative, Li's appearance resembles that of a photographic negative. He also speaks in a reverse colored text bubble.

Mr. Negative charges up a knife with black electrical energy[1] and transforms into his civilian identity in the same manner.[2] During an encounter in Amazing Spider-Man #548, Spider-Man notes that Mr. Negative possesses some degree of superhuman strength.

Mr. Negative is often accompanied by several henchmen, known as his Inner Demons,[4] who wear Dragon style masks and use high tech electric emitting versions of Japanese weapons including the and Nunchaku.


Mister Negative is the first villain in the Brand New Day storyline of Spider-Man, immediately following the events of One More Day. His connection to Spider-Man's Aunt May, through his legit cover, has been alluded to as a possibility for conflict in the future. His possession of Spider-Man's blood has also been alluded to as a definite possibility for conflict in the future.

Mister Negative is the first new villain during Brand New Day, a story that has been talked about in numerous news sources.[5][6]


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