Mission 2110 was originally aired on the CBBC Channel during summer 2010.


Mission 2110 is a children's game show set 100 years in the future from the year 2110. The world has been taken over by the evil roboidz who were built to aid humans. They have destroyed everything and Caleb is the only person left, he is part human and part machine and does not remember anything about before the robots took over due to memory loss. Earth's last hope is to destroy and rid the world of the roboidz. Children are brought into Future Gate where they undertake challenges in groups of 4 until only 1 is left under the watchful eye of Caleb. When 4 of the best recruits are assembled they tackle Future Gate in the final of the show.


Caleb is the last human left and in order to save the planet and mankind he enlists the help of brave recruits from 100 years ago (2010). Caleb brings the recruits to Future Gate where they meet the roboidz and other similar creatures. They then undertake challenges while earning bio rods that fuel the roboidz. The recruits arrive in groups of 4, 2 girls and 2 boys, where they are tested over three episodes. 4 groups of recruits are tested until only the 4 elite recruits remain. During the series more of the background of Caleb and the Roboidz is revealed through Cybel. Caleb is keen to learn of his past but Cybel is reluctant to tell him. Caleb also gradually becomes used to being around children and starts to show that he is emotional attached to them. Cybel regularly has to remind Caleb of his task and duty and to not let emotions get in the way. At the end of each episode the voice that controls the Roboidz. At the end of the final episode where Caleb defeats Alkon Nureos is black when the credits roll (after being powerded down). At the end of the final episode when Caleb defeats Alkon it is shown that Alkon is still alive and may somewhat power up All the roboidz again.


  • Caleb - Part human, part machine. He can remember nothing of his past before the roboidz took over. He wants to know about his past.
  • Cybel - Knows Caleb and about his past. Caleb's only ally apart from recruits.
  • Neuros - Main computer system controlling all the roboidz, she was powered down in N-LAB. She was seen in the credits of at the end of each episode up until the last episode.
  • Arkon - Lead all the roboidz to earth and seemingly died at the end of the final episode, but was shown to be alive.
  • Roboidz - The roboidz are robots that have destroyed the planet and got rid of any remaining humans, they were powered down in every place.
  • Shades - They used to be people before the roboidz converted them into foul smelling inhuman shades, they too were powered down everywhere.
  • Recruits - Children who are brought onto Future Gate to battle the roboidz, after each episode at the end they are either transported home or vaporized somewhere the remaining recruits don't know.

Day format[]

The episodes all undertake the same format. The same group of recruits are present for 3 episodes where they are gradually reduced to 1. The same challenges are undertaken by all 16 recruits.

Day 1 - The 4 recruits are introduced. They then under take the challenge Shade Alley. Next they face Live Wire. There 3rd challenge is the Frozen Vault. The final challenge of day 1 is Overload which is the only challenge undertaken as pairs on day 1.

Day 2 - The 4 recruits undertake harder challenges as they try to progress. In the last challenge of the day, The Vaporizer, one of the recruits is vaporized and therefore removed. The remaining 3 recruits continue to the next day.

Day 3 - The remaining 3 recruits now undertake even tougher challenges. Only 1 recruit can continue to the next stage of the quest. Numbers of bio rods are also re-set from the previous days totals to give everyone an equal chance of progressing to the next stage of the contest.

When the elite recruits had been found they undertook some harder and different challenges in one day.


First group: Melanie, Max,

Second group:

Third group: Kat, Dominique, Megan (+), Michael (NR), Jack

Fourth group: Qais, Lucy, Megan and Elliot.

The four elite recruits are: Paice, Kat, Melanie and Qais.

In episode 9 Megan sustained an Injury during Live Wire on that day, She was replaced by Michael.

(+) - Injured (NR) - New Recruit


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