Miranda Parker
Portrayed by Nikki Coghill
Duration 2007–2009
First appearance July 23, 2007
Episode 5261
Last appearance July 24, 2009
Episode 5740
Nickname(s) Panda (by Nicola West)
Gender Female
Occupation Lassiter's Hotel Employee
Residence 26 Ramsay Street

Miranda Parker (neé West) is a fictional character in the Australian soap opera Neighbours. The character, portrayed by Nikki Coghill first appeared on the show on July 23, 2007. She is the wife of Steve Parker and is mother of adopted son and daughter Riley Parker and Bridget Parker. Miranda and her family live in number 26 with Ned's son, Mickey Gannon and Lou Carpenter. Miranda is currently employed by Lassiter's Hotel.




Miranda Parker first appeared in July 2007. She, her husband Steve and their daughter Bridget arrived in Erinsborough to see Steve's brother Ned. Miranda quickly became friends with many of the sreets residents, including Susan. Janae asked Ned to move in with her the rest of the family followed when their apartment flooded. After Janae left the street to be with her family, Steve and Miranda decided to buy Number 26.

Bridget's Accident[]

Her daughter Bridget Parker was recently knocked down in what was thought to be a hit and run incident. However, Susan Kinski, one of Miranda's closest friends, later realised that she was the one who had hit Bridget and confessed. At first Miranda was furious at Susan and vowed to prosecute her, but after a few months, she forgave her and they became close friends again.

Nicola's Arrival[]

Miranda's sister Nicola West has moved into Ramsay Street and stirred everything up — including revealing that she has feelings for Miranda's husband Steve. Steve then moved out of Number 26, as did her daughter, Bridget, but moved back in again as a way to bring Bridget back home.

Nicola's Accident[]

An upset Donna Freedman took off in her Dad's cop car. Nicola had decided to leave Ramsay Street after Steve and Miranda rejected her. Nicola's dog, Bronte, ran into the road and Nicola followed her into the road, only to be knocked down by Donna. Nicola was then in a coma, but woke up days later with "amnesia", only recognising Miranda, and had no idea who Steve, Bridget or anyone else in Ramsay Street was. She was then found out to be faking her anmesia by Steve, Miranda's husband, and Nicola poisoned Steve. Miranda then vowed to get rid of Nicola. Nicola was arrested for poisoning Steve and was declared mentally unstable.

Seperation from Steve[]

After the Nicola incident and the stress that it had caused the family, Steve moved out of the family home and into Lassiter's. Their relationship became so bad that Steve asked for a divorce, Miranda was shocked, but agreed to it. Whilst working at Lassiter's one night, Miranda encountered Dean Naughton. Dean was the man Miranda was in love with when she married Steve. Miranda spent the night with Dean, but realised it was a mistake and she went home. However, Steve was at home and saw Miranda return. He wa very angry and decided that he would move back to Oakey and sell the Vet Practice. A short time after this the couple made up and Steve moved back into the family home just before Bridget gave birth.


Her daughter, Bridget, discovered that she was pregnant by Declan Napier. Miranda eventually came round to the idea, but started to see Bridget's pregnancy as a way to have a baby she could never have. In the process ruining her and her daughter's relationship for a short while. Declan later decided that he wanted him and Bridget to have live together. Miranda didn't want them to, but allowed it when she realsied that they wanted to live in her house. When Steve found out he was angry at first, but later calmed down and accepted the situation. When Bridget and Declan got married in a secret ceremony, Miranda was very angry she wasn't there. She threw them a party back home and accepted what had happened. Bridget gave birth to a daughter on the 23rd June 2009. Miranda was at home and listened to the birth via Karl's phone. She and Steve rushed to the hospital to see Bridget and the baby.


The Parker family will be departing in July 2009. Following a car accident that took place well traveling up to there old family farm.

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