Minder the Golem is a fictional character in the DC Comics' Forgotten Realms comic book series, which was based on the gaming world of that name then owned by TSR, the creators of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. She was the first sentient golem to appear in the Forgotten Realms, and so far she has been the only sentient iron golem to appear.

Fictional History[]

Minder was a female dwarf whose soul was transferred into the body of an iron golem, a huge black statue with a golden horned helmet on its head. In the body of the golem, Minder was of huge stature and had staggering physical strength; her face was battered and dented from the golem's previous encounters with armed adventurers. [Note: Golems in the Forgotten Realms usually are not intelligent—they are mindless artificial creations. Minder is unique.] After an encounter with the elven god Lanthalas, her body was destroyed and the pieces were flung into a cauldron by a blacksmith gnome along with some other junk. She later emerged from a mold as a gleaming female statue who immediately destroyed the other living statues that had emerged from the molds alongside her. She then joined her fellow adventurers in foiling the plans of the evil werecat chieftain Los, who had intended to invade the cities of the realms with his army of werecats and the Living Statues of Panthalas at his side.

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