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Microverses are dimensions occurring within the fictional Marvel Universe. The Microverses are often visited by the Fantastic Four in various adventures. They were formerly defined as any universe only accessible through vibrational attunement (shrinking).[citation needed] The belief that these worlds exist "within" atoms may have given rise to the stock phrase "There are worlds within worlds". It is not actually the microverses that are microscopic in size but rather the nexuses which make them accessible. It is thus theoretically possible to enter the same microverse from different points on Earth. The volume of these microverses are contained within spacewalls which can only be breached at certain points. It is these breaches that create accessible portals.


Originally, many microverses existed within the Marvel Multiverse. The most commonly visited is the one containing the regions known as Sub-Atomica and the Micronauts Homeworld. This Microverse was populated to a large extent by a group of refugee starfarers from a doomed planet, Ithaka. Led by their leader, Wayfinder, they eventually settled on Earth.[volume & issue needed] They were displaced, yet again, by demons. With the help of The Sword in The Star, they were relocated to one of the Microverses.[volume & issue needed] They eventually became the ancestors of many of the races located there. The first Microverse visited by the Fantastic Four was one which Doctor Doom had actually been sent to. This one was like a Medieval Kingdom and Doctor Doom succeeded in taking it over after shrinking down the King and Princess Pearla, until the Fantastic Four shrunk down and defeated him. It is shown that there are other worlds in this Microverse including Tok, which has higher gravity and is inhabited by Lizard Men.

These multiple microverses no longer exist. It was revealed during Peter David's Captain Marvel series that a thus far unseen conflict between Baron Karza and Thanos had resulted in all of the realms of the Microverse becoming merged into a single dimension referred to as the Microverse. Other inhabitants of the new merged Microverse include the Children of the Confluence of Stars and the Psycho-Man (a scientist exiled from Sub-Atomica). Psycho-Man was a recurring enemy of the Fantastic Four. This Microverse is also the "birthplace" of the Enigma Force which regularly manifests itself on Earth in the form of Captain Universe.

While on Earth, Wayfinder and his followers probably settled in what is now India. Several of his leading followers had names such as Agni, Yama, Mara, and Kali which are names out of Hindu mythology. Their presence may have inspired these myths and Dr. Strange did acquire an ancient monolith that was found in India that bore images of the Cosmic Keys that would become instrumental in saving the Microverse.[volume & issue needed] Additionally, the Micronese language (of the Micronauts' Homeweorld) bears slight resemblance to Sanskrit.[citation needed]

In the mini-series Realm of Kings: Son of Hulk, Hiro-Kala and his entourage journey into the Microverse where he landed on K'ai.[1]

Giant Man, Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man later venture to the Microverse where they discover that Wasp is still alive following her supposed death in the Secret Invasion storyline. They find Wasp fighting someone named "Lord Gouzar" who is the current despot of the Microverse.[2] Lord Gouzar then attacks the Avengers with his army after Thor fails to reason with him. Lord Gouzar's army subdues the Avengers yet Wasp escapes. When Lord Gouzar demands Wasp to surrender, she ends up attacking in micro-size until she ends up back to normal size and is captured by Lord Gouzar's men. With the Avengers captured, Lord Gouzar tries to use Captain America's shield to break open Iron Man's armor. Iron Man manages to regain consciousness and break free as an explosion is heard on Lord Gouzar's battleship.[3] Thor does an attack on Lord Gouzar's fleet as the rest of the Avengers get free. When Iron Man falls from the ship, Thor tries to catch Iron Man only to be shot back. With help from Giant Man, Thor manages to catch Iron Man while Captain America is launched towards Lord Gouzar. While Wasp warns the Microverse citizens to run when Lord Gouzar's ship is about to crash, Captain America demands that Lord Gouzar surrenders. When Lord Gouzar demands to know where Captain America is from, Wonder Man shows up and breaks Lord Gouzar's helmet. Iron Man recovers and starts to devastate Lord Gouzar's fleet. When Lord Gouzar still demands to know who they are, Wasp appears and unleashes a powerful sting attack as she shouts "The Avengers you complete @#$!." to defeated him. She then announces to the Microverse citizens are freed from the ruler Lord Gouzar. The Microverse citizens cheers, Wasp and the Avengers can returned home to their normal size.[4]

During the events of Infinity, a new hybrid Inhuman named Alice Kedzierski accidentally shrinks herself and her neighbors Soojin and Hana Rhee into the Microverse. Scarlet Witch sends the Wasp after them, where she is attacked by a vengeful Lord Gouzar. After Alice uses her powers to grow Hana to a gigantic size, the child crushes Gouzar underneath her foot, saving the group and allowing them to return home.[5]

Points of interest

  • Homeworld - The Homeworld is a molecular chain planet that is located in the Microverse. After all life on the Homeworld was eventually destroyed by Baron Karza and the sections of the planet later broke up and drifted apart, this ended up causing the "Worldmind" of Homeworld to go mad and almost destroy the Microverse.
    • First Zone -
      • Baron Karza's Body Banks -
    • Jungle Zone -
      • Antica - A region in the Homeworld's Jungle Zone which was ruled by Baron Zebek.
      • Tropica - A region in the Homeworld's Jungle Zone.
    • Aegypta - A desert region in the Homeworld.
    • Sea Zone - An ocean-based region of the Homeworld.
      • Oceania - An underwater city in the Sea Zone that was destroyed.
  • K'ai - K'ai is a world within the Microverse that consists of green-skinned humanoids. It was brought into the normal universe by Hiro-Kala.
  • Kaliklak - Kaliklak is a world within the Microverse. It is inhabited by various insect-like species and is the homeworld of Micronaut member Bug.
  • Mita - Mita is a world within the Microverse and is the home of the Mitans. It was destroyed when Togaro sent Mita into the sun. Although most of the Mitans were evacuated, some of them were killed when their ship crashed on another planet.
  • Spartak - Spartak is an inhospitable rocky world within the Microverse. It is home to the Acroyears. Spartak was destroyed when Prince Acroyear used Spartak's Worldmind to destroy Baron Karza. The surviving Acroyears became a race of galactic nomads.
  • Sub-Atomica - The world that Psycho-Man is from. It was later merged into the Microverse.
  • Tok - A high gravity planet that is the home of the Lizard Men of Tok.

Known Residents

Inhabitants of Homeworld

  • Arcturus Rann - Member of the Micronauts.
  • Argon - The Prince of Homeworld and the brother of Marionette. Killed by Baron Karza.
  • Aquon - The son of King Tybalt of the Sea Zone. He used the Keys of the Microverse to transform half of his kind into merpeople after the Sea Zone city of Oceania was destroyed. He was boiled alive by Baron Karza.
  • Baron Karza - The despot ruler of the Microverse and the archenemy of the Micronauts. He bribed Homeworld's citizens with the promise of eternal life via his Body Banks.
  • Baron Zebek - The dictator of Antica.
  • Biotron - Member of the Micronauts.
  • Biotron II - Member of the Micronauts and the successor to the original Biotron.
  • Degrayde - Baron Karza's chief scientist. Degrayde is the abhorrent architect of all the horrific human engineering created inside Baron Karza's Body Banks on the planet Homeworld.
  • Devil - Member of the Micronauts. He came from the Homeworld location Tropica.
  • Dexam - Member of the Micronauts. His limbs were harvested in Baron Karza's body banks until the Micronauts rescued him and rebuilt him as a cyborg.
  • Duchess Beladonna - A resident of Homeworld. Killed by Baron Karza.
  • Fireflyte - Member of the Micronauts. She is an adventurer who came from the Homeworld's Jungle Zone.
  • Huntarr - Member of the Micronauts. He was originally charged with guarding the Body Banks of Baron Karza until he sided with the Micronauts.
  • King Tybalt - The father of Aquon and Lady Coral who rules Oceania.
  • Lady Coral - The daughter of King Tybalt of the Sea Zone. She was among those who didn't want to be turned into Merpeople when Oceania was destroyed.
  • Lady Slug - The leader of a resistance movement on Homeworld. Killed by Baron Karza.
  • Margrace - The Captain of the Desert Demons which are Prince Pharoid's crack troops in Aegypta. He died in the war against Baron Karza.
  • Marionette - The Princess of Homeworld and the sister of Argon.
  • Microtron - Member of the Micronauts. He served as Marionette's tutor.
  • Microtron II - Member of the Micronauts and the successor to the original Microtron.
  • Prince Pharoid - The ruler of Aegypta and ally of the Micronauts. Killed by Baron Karza.

Inhabitants of Kaliklak

  • Bug - A Kaliklakian soldier.
  • Jasmine - Bug's girlfriend. She sacrificed her life to protect Bug from Psycho-Man.
  • Queen Esmera - The Queen of Kaliklak. She died using her "suicide sting" when trying to kill Baron Karza.
  • Treefern - A Kaliklakian knight.
  • Wartstaff -

Inhabitants of Mita

  • Ailma -
  • Alt -
  • Princess Dianna Ferrule - The daughter of the unnamed King and Queen of Mita who was transported to Earth when Togaro took over Mita.
  • Togaro - A tyrant from Mita who plotted to overthrow it's king and queen. He was killed by Captain America.

Inhabitants of Spartak

  • Lady Cilicia - The husband of Prince Acroyear.
  • Prince Acroyear - The prince of Spartak. He was overthrown by his brother Prince Shaitan. After he had sacrificed the Spartak Worldmind in a plot to stop Baron Karza, he was driven away by his people yet vowed to redeem himself to them.
  • Prince Shaitan - The prince of Spartak and servant of Baron Karza. He overthrew his brother Prince Acroyear.

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  • The Microverse appears in the Fantastic Four episode "The Micro World Of Dr. Doom."
  • The Microverse appeared in the Fantastic Four episode "Worlds Within Worlds."

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